5 Ways How to Fix a Glass Sliding Door Easily

By | June 10, 2022
how to fix a glass sliding door

According to Hunker.com, the research said about 11% of the entry doors were represented by sliding doors in 2013. So, it’s important to know how to fix a glass sliding door to prevent damage and reduce repair costs.

The glass sliding door repair process requires the accuracy and assistance of an expert. Here are some ways to fix the common problems of a glass sliding door to make sure you’re working properly and safely:

1. Remove the Glass Sliding Door

First things to do before removing the glass sliding door is to plan a suitable location where you can put it during maintenance. Remove the roller adjustment screw cover using the flat-head screwdriver or simply by hand.

Turn the screws counterclockwise with a screwdriver to lower the doors. You may need someone to hold the door during this step. At the top of the frame, carefully remove the header door stop by turning out its screws.

2. Cleanse and Remove the Rollers

Remove the roller wheels from the bottom of the sliding door gently by hand or with the screwdriver. It takes time to remove the roller since the dirt and debris may make the process difficult.

Checking the roller wheels is also important to know that it is still working or needs a new replacement. You should clean and lubricate some mechanical parts of the wheels to make the revolve normally.

Meanwhile, you may take them out and replace them with the new wheels if the conditions are bending or do not revolve well. Cleanse and rub the dirt using denatured alcohol or re-oil them with silicone spray.

3. Reinstall The Roller Wheels

After cleaning and removing the roller wheels, you can reinstall it by using a wood block and a hammer. The tools are needed to put back the adjustment screw into place and to prevent damage to the roller wheels.

The roller wheels should be retracting as far as possible when they are in place. Check the wheels to make sure that it is properly installed.

4. Cleanse The Tracks

How to fix a glass sliding door can be solved by cleaning the bottom track after the door is removed. Dirt and debris like sand or a small pebble is a common problem that restrains the movement of the sliding door.

You can use the silicone lubricant to lubricate the track so the wheels can work properly. After that, wipe off the overspill lubricant using a clean rag.

5. Substitute or Fix The Weatherstrip

It’s important to fix the weatherstrip at the end of the sliding door since it prevents debris, insects, and water from entering the house. When the weather strip is damaged, people usually replace it with a new one.

Most of the weather stripping has a self-adhesive strip to attach it onto the door. Before applying the new one, you should remove the old adhesive from the glass sliding door with a cloth rag and alcohol.

6. Replace The Sliding Glass Door

Lift the glass sliding door gently and put the roller wheels in the highest position before you place it back onto the track. Turn the roller screw clockwise while lifting the door smoothly.

Then, replace the header of the sliding door in the right position. Check and test the sliding door for the perfect movement.

That’s the information about how to fix a glass sliding door everyone should know. Keep the condition of the door by frequently cleanse the track and avoid pushing it too hard. Add a cover for protection from the outdoor elements.