5 Ways to Repair Metal Building Sliding Door in the Pole Barn

By | June 16, 2022
metal building sliding door

According to Hansenpolebuildings.com, sliding doors can require anywhere from half to 60% of the rail width to function properly. If it doesn’t work well, there must be some problem in the material or installation of metal building sliding door.

Sliding doors are very popular and cost-effective for pole barns. They’re available in single, full or even two split doors that allowing you to customize it. So, here some ways to repair the sliding door in the metal building.

1. Assess the Sliding Door

The first thing to do is to check up and out to make the necessary adjustments. You need to do the inspection to ensure the doors align. However, you’ll decide which alterations you can make when the door is unaligned.

For instance, you should adjust the outer rollers up and the center part down when the door is falling inward at the top. If it falls on the bottom, just adjust the outer roller down and the center section up.

Please remember that to repair the sliding door probably takes a little bit of testing. It’s important to determine, which alignment works best for sliding doors.

2. Check the Guides

It’s important to check the hardware on the outside of the metal building to see how much room needed. The pole barn sliding doors will be lowered or raised depending on the distance between the bottom rail and center guide.

What’s more, You also to examine the T-guides, which are located at the end of the sliding door opening. The T-guides is an important part of keeping the door opening fixed to the door frame.

You will probably need to raise or lower the sliding doors on the T-guides. It should stay in the middle of the door track without rubbing.

3. Inspect the Posi Roller

The posi roller tracks used in pole barns have a weather protection system to ensure the sliding doors open properly. The track usually doesn’t collect debris, ice, snow, or even rain.

The track also made from low-friction polymer, which is good to protect the behind and underneath part. In addition, the positioning rollers can fix the sliding door to the frame structure. It’s also convenient on extreme weather or windy daws.

Also, you may need some adjustments in the upward or downward of the roller. It has a slotted hole in the bracket that makes easier to lower or raise the sliding the door.

4. Raise or Lower the Sliding Door

You can lower or raise the metal building sliding door easily by loosening the jamb nut. The bolt has a 90⁰ bend and attaches to the roller. So, you don’t have to worry if it’s slightly bend in the frame.

The tightening or loosening of the bolt will push or pull the sliding door out from the header easily. Make sure to tighten the jamb nut so the sliding door sits in place.

5. Make Sure the Sliding Doors Align

The last steps are to make sure the sliding doors properly aligned. It’s important to do some re-check if its sit parallel and gliding smoothly through the T-guides and center guides. You should check that the nuts are fully tightened.

That’s all the information about how to repair metal building sliding doors in the pole barn. You may need professional help to properly repair a sliding door. So, you can avoid financial losses.