Replace Glass Panel In Sliding Door, How To Do It Easily

By | May 21, 2022
replace glass panel in sliding door

According to The annual WDMA 2020 U.S. Industry Market Study, shipments of sliding doors increased by 8.4% in 2019. This is because many people understand the many advantages they get when they install glass sliding doors in their homes. However, you should know how to replace glass panel in sliding door.

This is because the glass on the sliding door is prone to breakage or damage, so you must replace it immediately. You can call a professional glazier but it is cheaper if you replace it yourself. The following are the steps to replace glass panel in sliding door:

1. Removing Trim

When you replace the sliding door glass, you don’t need to remove the entire door. So, you can do it with the door in place. The first step you do is to remove the trim around the glass (mull).

Then, slide the putty knife between the trim and the door. You can use a small pry bar and hammer to remove it. Please be careful removing it so you don’t bend or damage the trim.

2. Removing Glass

Once the pieces are gone, carefully remove the glass remnants. If there are still some of the pieces stuck to the frame, you can use a putty knife to remove them. In addition, pick out as many as you can.

3. Replacing Glass Panel

To replace glass panel in sliding door, you need to measure it first. To make it easier for you to take measurements, use a tape measure to calculate the size of replacement glass for your sliding door.

Then, measure the opening’s width, and height, and remove about a quarter of an inch from each measurement to get the size to buy. Moreover, almost all glass shops can cut panels to the size you specify.

Then, if possible you can ask them to deliver the glasses too. It is because they know the best way to package and protect them from damage.

4. Fitting The Glass Panel

After the glass panel arrives, you can immediately inspect them. Then, you should trim it if the edges are not completely straight using a glasscutter. Then, also check the size and edges to make sure they are straight and the glass fits your sliding door opening.

Around the inside of the frame, you can put a bead of caulk. After that, slowly put the glass in place and place other thin beads on top of the glass as well. You have to do this to hold it against the trim.

5. Replacing Trim

The last step to replace the glass panel in sliding door is that you can take the trim you removed. Then, push it back into place, starting at one corner and moving around the edges a little at a time.

When you position it properly, make it more secure using tacks to the door. Then, remove any caulk that may be stuck. You also scrub it with a putty knife and clean your sliding door glass using a glass cleaner.

Now you know how to replace glass panel in sliding door, which is easy for you to do. You can finish it in just a few hours. Replacing glass panels yourself will also be cheaper than calling for the help of a professional glazier.