Standard Sliding Door Size, Everything You Need to Know

By | June 10, 2022
standard sliding door size

Some years back, sliding doors were considered a luxury, but nowadays, these are available at affordable prices.

Along with other things to decorate, your house sliding doors can give a beautiful aesthetic look to your room opening on the balcony or lawn.

If you are constructing or renovating your house, then sliding glass doors will be the decision as they will keep the room airy and well-lit with the sunlight.

Not only this, but it will also expand the space.

Your energy costs will be reduced by about 10% to 30% if you use sliding glass doors.

However, if you want to install it in your home, you need to know about the standard sliding door size.

This is because the standard size of the sliding door will depend on the type of sliding door.

Choosing a standard sliding door size could be frustrating as it raises different questions about the frames and size of the doors.

If you are also considering installing sliding doors, continue reading this article.

The functionality of sliding glass doors

Installing sliding glass doors will be helpful to you in different ways.

The most crucial feature of sliding glass doors is that they will not block the natural light coming to your room.

Hence you can always enjoy the natural sunlight and the beautiful scene from your balconies and lawns.

Secondly, it will make your room spacious, more comprehensive, and comfortable.

Sliding glass doors will also give an aesthetic look to your house at affordable prices making the room elegant with its minimalist architecture.

They can create ease and extra space in your bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, entrances, etc.

They can also accommodate you as a room splitter, outside, and wardrobe doors. The space above and below the panels will help you to set it according to your need quickly.

But while buying and installing sliding glass doors in your home, you must consider your exterior, interior, size, and the panels’ frame.

The more panels on the sliding door, the wider the size. If you follow the standard size, it will be easier for you to find a replacement in case of damage.

The following is a review of standard sliding door size that you should know:

Standard Sliding Door Size

Generally, standard-size sliding glass doors have a standard height as well.

The standard sliding door size is available in these heights

  • 96 inches equivalent to up to 243 centimeters
  • 82 inches (208. 3 centimeters)
  • 80 inches (243.8 centimeters)

The standard width

  • 60 inches which are approximately 152 centimeters.
  • 72 inches (183 centimeters)

Typically, sliding glass doors have two parts: a fixed glass pane and a sliding glass pane.

The numbers of the sliding door panels could also vary depending on the area where you want to get them installed.

However, there are also sliding doors that have more than two panels mounted on a single door.

So, the standard size also differs based on the type of sliding door.

Pocket Door

A pocket door has only a single panel. Upon opening, it will disappear into the side walls, giving you clear vision and a spacious room.

It is mainly used in areas where space is too small or narrow. This is because this type of sliding door saves space.

For example, this type of door is suitable for you to apply in the dressing room, powder room, wardrobe, or as a separator between two rooms.

Moreover, this glass door has only one panel and is hung from the ceiling and attached to the wall on a track.

The standard size of this pocket sliding door is 80 inches high. Meanwhile, the standard width is 30 inches or 36 inches.

Two Panel Sliding Door

Two-panel sliding glass door is way more valuable and convenient than one that opens towards a single side.

Unlike the pocket sliding door, you can slide this sliding door in both directions.

The standard size of the two-panel sliding door is the same as the standard size discussed above but the width has more sizes.

The size is set as standard so that it is easy for you if you want to replace it. The standard height and widths of this two-panel are as follow:

Two Panel Sliding Door Height

  • 96 inches equivalent to up to 243 centimeters
  • 82 inches (208. 3 centimeters)
  • 80 inches (243.8 centimeters)

Two Panel Sliding Door Width

  • 60 inches, 152.4 centimeters
  • 72 inches, 182.9 centimeters
  • 96 inches, 243.8 centimeters

Three Panel Sliding Door

After you know the standard sliding door size, now is the time for you to know the standard size of the 3-panel sliding door.

If you compare it to a two-panel sliding door, a 3-panel sliding door is much wider. These sliding doors are used for wider areas.

In these doors, 3 panels are installed. It makes your room airier and brightens up the decor of your house.

It also comes with a weather seal that minimizes the entrance of the cold breeze.

Moreover, this sliding door can help you get optimal energy efficiency.

Then, in the 3-panel sliding door, the middle panel is a panel that you can choose from two possibilities for you to slide from right to left or vice versa.

Like the two-panel sliding doors, the height of the panels is the same again but you have two width options to choose from.

Three Panel Sliding Door Width

  • 144 inches, 274.3 centimeters
  • 108 inches, 365.8 centimeters

Four Panel Sliding Door

On the 4-panel sliding door, it has two middle panels that you can open on each side of the other two panels that have not been opened.

So, one middle panel will go to the right and another one will go to the left.

This design is new in the marketplace and is highly useful for wider areas.

Also, you can choose several alternatives about the direction you want to open when all four panels can slide together in a certain design.

Moreover, this type of sliding door has a standard width of 108 inches. As for the standard height, which is 80 inches.

Four-panel sliding doors are a perfect fit for patios.

How You Should Choose The Standard Size For Your Home

Well, the question left behind is how can you about the best size for your house? It is not as much complicated.

The main thing to be kept in mind is your budget because the more enormous doors will demand more than the smaller ones.

Before choosing any sliding door, you must consider the frame’s material and the glass’s quality because no one wants a low-quality material.

Suppose you want to choose a suitable standard size.

In that case, you need to measure the area where you want to install the sliding glass door, giving you a perfect idea of which standard sliding glass door size is suitable. 

Frame Material and Glass Material

The frame of the door ensures its durability. So always pick one that has weather protection and does not require to be painted.

So Vinyl is considered the best option because it is durable and can withstand challenging weather. 

When choosing glass, you will have several options, but make sure you choose the one with weak heat and electric conductivity.

It will help you to maintain the average temperature of your room. 

Wrap Up

This article is a complete guide that will help you to choose the perfect size and material for your sliding door.

Now you know that sliding doors have various types and standard sizes.

Also, seek guidance from experts and professionals to go with the ideal size of the sliding doors and glass or frame material. 

Hopefully, this article has answered all your questions regarding standard sliding glass doors and the best material you should choose.