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16 Curtain Ideas For Your Kitchen Sliding Glass Door

Over the years, the art of interior designing is becoming popular among professionals. Not only the rooms, but the kitchen of our house also needs embellishment as well. Today, people are inclining toward installing glass door curtains that would give their kitchens a new look. These blinds would actually work to enhance the overall design of the kitchen… Read More »

The Basics of Curtain Selection: 5 Things to Know When Choosing Curtain Size for Sliding Glass Door

If you already have a sliding glass door in your home, you may already be familiar with its benefits. It would typically bring much more light into the room from the outside. People who are fond of natural light tend to appreciate this more. However, some may say that the sunlight can be overwhelming. It is especially evident… Read More »

How to Design Sliding Patio Door And Curtain Ideas

Sliding patio door curtains are a great way to add color and privacy to your backyard. They’re also a great way to keep the bugs out during the summer. Here are some ideas for sliding patio door curtain designs: Add a colorful fabric curtain to create a fun and vibrant backdrop for your outdoor living space. Try creating… Read More »

The Best 60 X 80 Sliding Patio Door

60 X 80 Sliding Patio Door – Spending time in quiet outdoor areas is difficult due to the busy lifestyle but also essential. In this case, Patios are no less than a blessing. These are always the best place in the home. Its cozy, comfortable and peaceful environment lets you relax and brings you close to nature for… Read More »

4 Sliding Door Installation Pro Tips

There are many advantages to using sliding doors, ranging from saving energy, and saving space, to offering a wider view. Therefore, many homes began to install sliding doors. However, there are several things you need to consider about sliding door installation. Therefore, you need to know a few tips before you install a sliding door. These tips will… Read More »

Sliding Door Soundproof to Block Unwanted Noise

Soundproofing is one of the most effective ways to lower the noise from outside. With conventional doors, this is quite easy to do. Sliding door soundproof is a bit different, but also not difficult to do. Overall, there are 3 basic types of sliding doors: glass door, pocket door, and barn door. For patio doors almost 85% using… Read More »

Sliding Door Track Systems Types

Sliding door track systems come in a variety of different types. Depends on the design of the door. Choosing a sliding door track systems needs to consider the type of the door, the location of the doorway, and the weight of the door itself. The styles can be adjusted to the design or preference. But take note of… Read More »

Sliding Door Versus French Door, Choosing The Best Option

What is the difference between sliding door versus French door? Although both are wide doors, the main difference is how to operate them. French doors are double doors that swing on hinges. While the sliding door slides on a track along the wall. That is a very visible difference, although there are other differences that you should be… Read More »