Soundproofing Sliding Door: 5 Easy Ways to Make It

By | June 4, 2022
soundproofing sliding door

There are many advantages that sliding doors have, so almost every home has them. Unfortunately, the sliding door has a lot of gaps so it’s not soundproof. Therefore, you need to know a few things about how to make a soundproofing sliding door.

There are various ways to make your sliding door soundproof. For example, choosing the type of sliding door, closing all gaps, and using curtains and blankets. If you want to know more about how to make a soundproofing sliding door, here is the review:

1. Determine The Type of Sliding Door

You can use a PVC sliding door if you want a little bit of soundproofing. This is because the sliding doors of this type have a complete frame they are sliding against. Then, this type is also complete with an internal weatherstripping brush.

Then, PVC sliding doors also have weatherstripping features and double or even triple glass. So, if possible, you can upgrade the sliding door with a soundproof type.

2. Close All Gaps

One of the disadvantages of sliding doors is that they have a lot of gaps. So, to make your sliding door soundproof, you can seal all the gaps in the frame and between the frame and the wall.

You can use weather stripping tape along the inside of the sliding door. However, before you apply the tape, make sure you have cleaned the surface where you will be sticking it. In this case, it is a sliding door frame.

3. Install a Door Sweep for Noise reduction

If you want to make a soundproofing sliding door, you can install a door sweep. You will easily find small door sweeps; even e-commerce sells them. The small door sweep not only minimizes noise but also is also extremely thin and adhesive.

Due to its thinness, your sliding door will still be able to slide in its interior wall slots without being scratched or snagging when the door is sliding. In addition, the price of this door sweep is also cheap and your sliding door becomes soundproof easily.

4. Use Soundproof Curtains

Some of you may already have curtains in front of sliding glass doors that point outward. In addition to blocking the sun, curtains also function to minimize noise that comes from outside. Or, you can replace it using a thicker soundproof curtain.

Then, make sure the curtains you use are long enough to touch the floor. This is because if you leave a gap between the floor and the curtain, the soundproofing element of the curtain will be compromised.

5. Use a Soundproof Blanket

Even though it’s a hassle if you often come and go through sliding doors, you can place a soundproof blanket on your sliding door. However, this is the best and cheapest way you can try to block out noise when you are trying to concentrate.

There are many soundproof blankets for sale but chooses a moving blanket. This is because the movable blanket serves to reduce noise and can increase the sound barrier by up to 80%-90%.

In addition, this blanket also has holes made for hanging. Moreover, on the movable blanket, there are holes with metal every 9″ on one side so that it can hang evenly.

There are several ways you can try to make a soundproofing sliding door. You can try one way that suits your needs and preferences. Moreover, all of these ways are very easy for you to apply at home.