The Way How To Fix Lock On Sliding Door To Give More Protection

By | June 11, 2022
how to fix lock on sliding door

According to horrific statistics from, a whopping 51% of burglars re-offend in the same circumstances as their previous offense. This is why knowing how to fix lock on sliding door is important.

Although the burglars will not come to the same house, they will see the house around. Especially if the house purpose has the same characteristics as the previous house. Here is the way how to fix old locks:

1. Try To Recheck The Key By Removing And Inserting

The easiest way to fix the lock on sliding door is to recheck the key. The way to recheck is by removing and also inserting the key several times. Check that the key still has a suitable system.

This way may seem simple to try but can help for some cases. Try to apply this way for several times until the key is fixed. If there is any other problem, please try other ways to fix it.

2. Give Lubrication To The Door

Sliding door is always linked to lubricant. Hence, the way how to fix lock on sliding door is to put lubrication on it. However, sliding doors cannot use oil-based lubricants. Use only the sliding door lubricant, no other lubricants.

The common lubricant may give side effects to the sliding door such as make it gum up and stop working. Select and lubricate sliding doors to ensure door locks get better, not worse.

3. Put The Graphite Powder Into The Sliding Door Lock

All the problems of sliding doors can be fixed by knowing the cause first. Hence, if it is caused by the latch, one can try this third method to secure the lock on the sliding door. It is very simple and also easy to do.

If the door won’t latch, try putting graphite powder in the sliding door lock. For details, place the powder over the key opening, snugly against the outside of the lock. If there are some difficulties, please just call the expert.

4. Substitute The Latch Or Cylinder Lock

Old sliding doors can be difficult to repair. Also, figuring out the problem and cause of an old sliding door can be very difficult. The only way to fix it is by giving the replacement of the latch or cylinder lock.

Substituting the latch and cylinder lock may provide a new sliding door without purchasing it. This way can be tried if there is no other way to try in order to fix the lock of sliding doors.

5. Get a Lock Repair By The Experts

Having a sliding door repaired by an expert is probably the easiest way. If people are going mad on trying to fix the lock on the sliding door, just call the expert.

They will have no trouble helping and repairing sliding door locks. It costs far more than repairing itself. But, there are many cheaper services that can help at this time.

That’s all the information about how to fix lock on sliding door. Get your safety and give more protection by fixing the sliding door suddenly.