How To Replace Sliding Door Screen in Easy Way

By | May 17, 2022
how to replace sliding door screen

A sliding door is usually made of durable material. Although there is one particular part that is often easily broken, the screen. This article will show you how to replace sliding door screen without replacing the entire door. Check this out!

1. Check Out the Size and Condition of the Splines

The first thing you must do before replacing your sliding door screen is to make sure of the size. You don’t want to buy the wrong size of material and end up regretting it, do you? Now, check the splines first, it’s flexible strips made of rubber that hold your screen to the door, and make sure the sizes before heading to the store.

Next, check the condition of the splines, if they’re still in good condition and still sticking well, you probably don’t need to buy the new one. But if they start to fall after you re-stick it, then simply buy a new one.

2. Remove The Screen

The next thing how to replace sliding door screen is to remove the screen from the frame. And then carefully take off the handle by removing the screw first. You can place the door on the floor, it would be better if you can put it on a flat surface. Once it lays down on the floor, remove the splines from the frame. Splines are a rubber material that holds your screen secure around the frame. Lastly, remove the screen.

3. Check The Size Screen and Cut

If you plan to replace many screen doors, then you can buy a full roll of screens. Normally, the size would be 81 cm or 91 cm wide and 200 cm high. Measuring sizes is important to avoid you from cutting too much or too short. You’ll get the exact size with acceptable adjustment.

4. Place New Screen on The Frame

Once you cut the screen to the right size that your door needs, you can place it on the door. It must be centered, tight, and straight. You might need help from someone to hold the other side of the screen or use clamps to hold them tight to the edges of your door.

5. Roll the Splines with Splines Roller

Splines roller is a must-have item in this part. Using it, roll the spline to your door’s groove. Roll it until it is nice and snug to secure your screen. Don’t rush when you roll the splines or your screen will go loose. Do it slow, firm, and keep your screen tight. Next, using a cutter, cut away the extra screen from the frame.

6. Put Back the Door Handle

After installing the new screen, the last thing to do is to put back the door handle. If it has a screw, then use a screwdriver to put the back. Do a final check to make sure everything is in place and your door is ready to use.

Well, the above 6 steps of how to replace the sliding door screen are not so hard, isn’t it? You don’t have to replace the entire door that will cost you more money. Simply replace the screen, and your door is back on track.