Sliding Door Self Closers For Easy Movement

By | June 20, 2022
sliding door self closers

Sliding door self closers is an additional hardware that used as a feature that can close the door automatically when the door opened manually. Usually, this hardware is easy to install and easy to use. So, this feature works just like an automatic door.

There are two categories of sliding doors, either light duty such as pocket or single door. Or heavy duty such as wide doors used in warehouses, factories, and the like. Which needs special mechanism to handle the weight of the door without a glitch. Usually installed on the upper part of the door, on the same line with the upper rail.

Functions of Self-Closer

There are 83.9% of people prefer sliding doors and 98.9% among them required sliding door self closers to be installed. Either at home or at their business areas. Those reasons are:

  • No need to bother closing the door manually.
  • Easy movement, especially when you bring stuff in your hands.
  • Avoiding the door slams.
  • Assisting people with disabilities.

Self-Closers Types

There are several types of sliding doors self-closers to choose from, it all depends on the functions also the weight and width of the door itself:

1. Simple Spring Mechanism

Usually used for extra-light duty single doors at home or simple business area. Easily installed on the door frame. It works with spring mechanism that basically slide back the door that opened to close it automatically.

2. Simple Pneumatic Mechanism

This system is a bit more advanced than spring system, usually using additional mechanism. It’s semi-automatic but not requires any electricity. It can be use in light duty sliding doors at home or any simple business areas.

Where the door has the standard width of 75-124cm and the weight not more than 200kgs. The door can be made of wood, aluminum, glass (either framed of frameless). It can be a single door or folding doors with upper and lower rails.

3. Infrared Movement Sensor Mechanism

This type of sliding door self closers can be easily found in public areas such as malls, hospitals, office buildings. Where there are a lot of people passing through. The door usually made of glass, either framed or frameless. With one or two parts of the door slides in different directions.

This sensor was installed of the upper frame that detect movements near the door, 5 meters maximum. Along with the sensor, this mechanism usually equipped with a manual operation system. Such as remote control, and on off switch to hold the door open when needed.

4. Motorized Mechanism

This mechanism usually used in more heavy-duty areas where the door is wide and heavy. Such as used in warehouses, factories where the door width is more than 150cm and the weight can be more than 200kgs. The door might be made of metal, and usually requires upper and lower rails with an additional controller for manual use.

This motorized mechanism also completed with a manual operation system. It can be controlled manually to be hold open if needed. Very suitable for heavy weight doors with high frame.

Sliding door self closers can be easily found at home or at any business areas which prioritizing easy movement for the users. Even at home where sometimes children keep forgetting to close the door in their activities. In busy business areas, self-closer will help people to move quickly without using their hands to manually close the door.