How To Install a Barn Sliding Door In 5 Simple Steps

By | May 22, 2022
how to install a barn sliding door

How to install a barn sliding door is simple and cheap. You can install it yourself without professional help. Moreover, you need some tools but as long as you follow the installation instructions, you can install it.

Moreover, the global market size of interior Barn Doors in 2021 reaches millions of USD from 2016 with a CAGR of 15 from 2016 to 2021. This indicates an increasing use of barn sliding doors. If you want to know how to install a barn sliding door, here are the steps:

1. Attach Your Door Hardware

Place and mark the door hardware on your barn door. Includes a small rubber block that serves to keep the door in place when jumping off the track.

When you mark the location of the rollers, make sure you place the track between the roller wheels and the top of the door. This serves to get accurate placement.

Afterward, leave some space between the door and the rail to allow the door to slide easily. Then, place a few inches from the edge of the door when marking the location of the interior handles.

2. Find The Studs

To make the barn door easier to move, you can attach hardware to the studs, not just drywall. To find where the studs are above your door, use the stud finder. Then, mark where the studs are with a pencil.

Align the holes in your track to the studs in the wall and drill pilot holes into the studs. Then, attach the support beams to the studs so that the studs align with the track mount.

3. Attach Your Track

You have to make sure that the track holes align with the stud holes. Then, hold your track against the wall until it aligns with your desired placement. To make sure the track is straight and even, you can use levels.

Then, to mark the tracks on the wall and the non-stud marking holes, you can use a pencil. Remove the drill holes and tracks and align the tracks and screws with the holes you just drilled. Then, use a drill to attach it to the wall.

Moreover, make sure the track is supported securely on the wall. Slide the stopper into each end of the metal track. To tighten the screws, you can use the included hardware.

4. Attach Your Barn Door

How to install a barn sliding door is easy because now your track is mounted to the wall. Meanwhile, your roll is attached to the door. Then, you can hang your barn door.

To keep the rollers slightly above the track, you can lift the door with the help of a friend. Then slowly lower the roller onto the track. To make sure it’s aligned and secure, slide the door back and forth.

5. Install The Floor Guides

You can install floor guides to make sure your barn door slides easily. Floor guides are also useful for preventing the barn door from swinging out of place. Moreover, several guides fit into the grooves at the bottom of the door.

Meanwhile, other guides went under and around the side of the door. Then, you can move the door so that it hangs straight. After that, place the guides according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Don’t forget to mark the locations for the screws and screw the guides into place.

Now you know how to install a barn sliding door in 5 easy steps. You can follow the steps in detail so that the barn sliding door is successfully installed. So, your home becomes more attractive with a barn sliding door.