Replace Glass In Sliding Door Cost, All You Need to Know

By | May 22, 2022

The sliding glass doors become damaged over time and you need to replace them. Therefore, it is important to know about replace glass in sliding door cost.

The cost to replace the glass in the sliding door varies due to many factors. If you want to know more about what are the factors and how much does it cost to replace the glass in the sliding door, here is the review:

The Factors Affecting The Cost of Replacing The Glass In Sliding Door

According to the RECS household survey from the EIA, approximately 32.4 million homes in the US have a single sliding glass door and 7.2 million have two. Therefore, you should know about replace glass in sliding door cost.

This is because the replacement of the glass in the sliding door requires a large amount of money and varies greatly. Moreover, there are many factors that cause the price of glass replacement in sliding doors to varying.

Examples are the type of glass, glass thickness, glass coating, and the appearance of the glass. Then, if you do glass replacement using professional help it also requires a fairly high cost. This is because they also offer a variety of other services, such as measuring, cutting glass, to installation.

Replace Glass In Sliding Door Cost

You already know several factors that cause variations in the price of replacing glass in sliding doors. Now is the time to know how much it costs you to replace the glass in the sliding door. If you want to know how much it costs, here is the review:

1. Basic Sliding Glass Door

You can buy sliding glass doors in one package. That way, you have everything you need for glass sliding door installation and do it yourself, without professional help.

For glass doors that are 6 feet long, the price ranges from USD 300 to USD 4000. However, if you buy them separately or in 8′ lengths, if you order them together as part of a set, it costs around USD 700 – USD 1000.

For two-panel sliding doors, the average price is from USD 450 to USD 2,100. In contrast, the hurricane-proof sliding glass doors cost between USD 1,000 to USD 7,000.

2. Glass Sliding Door from Big Retailer

You can replace the glass in your sliding door through the services of a home improvement retailer. Usually, their service is included in the measurement and costs around USD 39. Once the glass is ready, they can ship a certain amount as well,

It depends on your location and also the distance from your home. Then, for the installation of glass on the sliding door it costs around USD 500. All these costs are if you buy glass for the sliding door from a retailer.

3. Glass Sliding Door with Professional Installers

If you can’t replace the glass on your glass door or you’re busy, you can hire a professional to replace it. You can also buy from trusted suppliers who offer glass replacement in sliding doors.

Usually, they provide a complete range of services, such as measuring, cutting, and installing glass in sliding doors. Professional labor will cost around USD 850 to USD 1800, depending on the setup.

That’s an interesting review about replace glass in sliding door cost. The price of replacing glass in sliding doors varies widely because of many factors that influence it. The better the quality of the glass you choose, the more expensive the price.