Replace Handle on Sliding Door With Screwdrivers Only

By | May 23, 2022
replace handle on sliding door

The sliding door usually gets stuck during winter. It is because the cold and frigid environment during winter causes a deterioration. When we force it to slide, it could break the handle. Replace handle on sliding door is a bit tricky for those who don’t know-how.

Fixing Broken Sliding Door Handle Is Not That Hard

If you have a sliding door in your house, then you might want to know how to replace handle on sliding door. It is simply because the handle is the part that used to break easily beside the screen and the rail. Turns out that replacing the handle on the sliding door doesn’t require particular skill, only motivation and a cup of coffee to lift you up.

The common problem causing broken handles is because of duration. Even though it is made of durable material such as metal or iron, rust and mold, and dirt consume it over time. So, it is normal when your handle broke, especially for the sliding doors.

The next thing is because of force entrance. In winter, the temperature can reach minus 10. And it caused the door to stuck. Your kids or you incidentally force them to slide and it causes the damage. But don’t you get mad, because you can fix it without a fuss.

Steps to Replace Handle on Sliding Door

All you need to do this job is just a screwdriver and a new handle if it can’t be saved anymore. When you find your kids or you broke the handle of your sliding door, don’t think of buying the new one. It’s only the handle you need to fix. Here is how to do it:

1. Unplugged All ScrewsP

If you buy a built-in sliding door, then you might not see the screws. Manufacturers sometimes hide it behind a cover to make the door more aesthetic. All you have to do is remove this cover and unplug all screws with a screwdriver. Keep the screws and the cover in a box so you don’t lose them.

2. Release The Handle, Check for Any Dirt

After you release the screws, release the handle and check if there is any dirt, mold, or rust. If you find one, clean them first. After everything is clean, you can also clean the handle frame. Dirt and mold used to stay there for a long time without no one noticing. Clean them and you’re ready to put the handle back.

3. Tighten The Handle and Screws

If the problem comes from dirt, then you can directly put the old handle back in place. But, if your handle is already torn, then you should buy a new one first. After you have the new one in the same type, simply replace it. Using your screwdriver, plug all screws, place the handle, and place the screw cover. Done, your sliding door handle is back in the game.

Another thing you must check when you replace your handle is the lock. Should you find it broke too, try unplugging it. Spray a lubricant to remove dirt, rust, and mold. If it doesn’t work, then you need to buy a new one together with the handle.

Now, what if you have a different type of sliding door handle rather than a common type? Well, actually, you can replace handle on sliding door in the same steps as above. But you might need a different type of screwdriver such as a Phillips-head screwdriver or electric screwdriver to ease your job.