How to Adjust Glass Sliding Door In 3 Easy Steps

By | May 21, 2022

The use of sliding glass doors will reduce your energy costs by around 10% to 30%. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people are now installing it in their homes. However, they should know how to adjust glass sliding door.

It is because a door that is too loose can also get off track when you operate it. Therefore, it is important to adjust your sliding glass door to protect it from damage. Before you know how to adjust glass sliding door, know what tools you must prepare.

The Tools Required

Before you adjust your glass sliding door, you have to prepare various tools that you will use. These tools are very common and easy to find. The following are the tools you must prepare before adjusting the glass sliding door:

  • Wire brush or toothbrush
  • Silicone-based lubricant (WD-40)
  • Phillips and Slotted screwdriver

How to Adjust Glass Sliding Door

After all the tools are complete, now is the time for you to know how to adjust the glass sliding door. The method is very easy; you can even do it yourself without professional help. If you want to know how, here are the steps:

1. Clean The Sliding Glass Door Track

By default, all sliding doors have a track. Its purpose is to support the roller wheel to move and the sliding door is easy for you to operate. Unfortunately, over time a lot of dirt will accumulate on the track.

This is what makes your sliding door run slowly. Therefore, you can clean it with a wire brush or toothbrush. After you clean all the dirt on the sliding door track, to suck it up, you can use a vacuum cleaner.

2. Lubricate The Sliding Glass Door Track

How to adjust glass sliding door is so easy. If your sliding door track is clean, it’s time for you to apply lubricant. There are many brands of lubricants that you can choose from, but you can use WD-40 for the best quality lubricant.

It is a silicone-based lubricant and does not attract dirt buildup, making it perfect for lubricating your sliding door tracks. Then, spray this lubricant all over the track until evenly distributed.

If the lubricant sticks to the floor, make sure you wipe it off. This is because the lubricant attached to the floor is quite slippery and will harm you.

3. Adjust Sliding Glass Door Rollers

There are rollers inside the sliding glass door to help slide back and forth on the track and you can adjust it. Then, there is a hole in the sliding glass door that hides the adjusting screw to this roller. If the holes have plastic plugs, you can remove the plugs.

Then, turn the roller alignment screw using a Phillips head screwdriver. The purpose is to move the roller height up or down. So, the height of your sliding glass door will increase or decrease by approximately 1/2 cm or 1/4 inch.

If you adjust the roller screw, you have to check whether your sliding door will slide better if it is at a lower or higher height. Then, you can re-spray the lubricant into the adjustment screw opening to help the glass door rollers run better.

Now you know how to adjust glass sliding door easily. With just a few steps, your sliding glass door can run smoothly. Don’t forget to maintain your sliding glass door every few months.