Commercial Automatic Sliding Door: 5 Reasons Why It Is Essential to Install It

By | June 16, 2022
commercial automatic sliding door

The use of automatic sliding doors in commercial buildings is very common. A commercial automatic sliding door facilitates convenient and easy access to a commercial building. Installing this sliding door, not only saves the use of space but also adds to the attractiveness of a commercial building.

So, if you want your business place to be comfortable, look modern, and sophisticated, you can use this sliding door. There are many other reasons why the commercial automatic sliding door is so important. The full review is as follows:

1. Highly Convenient

The use of automatic sliding doors in commercial buildings is very convenient. Everyone can enter the building easily. For example, people with children or with their hands full of things can enter the building without difficulty.

Also, people who have mobility issues can enter and exit the building easily. So, automatic sliding doors will accommodate the needs of everyone who enters. This is because this automatic sliding door has a hands-free sensor.

2. Aesthetic Value

Automatic sliding doors can increase the attractiveness of a space. Therefore, the use of automatic sliding doors is very suitable to be applied to commercial buildings. This is because automatic sliding doors have an attractive aesthetic and add beauty and style to the interior and exterior settings of certain building structures.

Commercial buildings that use automatic sliding doors will look more stylish and contemporary. This is very beneficial for commercial building owners because doors with sophisticated, aesthetic, and comfortable systems can attract potential customers.

3. Better Hygiene Practices

Automatic sliding doors have high health and safety standards. In addition, this sliding door also has a high level of sanitation. Therefore, commercial buildings such as food factories, or hospital buildings are very suitable to use automatic sliding doors.

This is because the automatic sliding door has an airtight function to keep dust and dirt from entering the room. Then, the user also does not need to touch it to operate it, thus limiting the spread of disease.

4. Improved Business

Employees tend to perform better when they feel valued in the workplace. Then, shoppers will also shop frequently or shop more at a place with happy employees and easy navigation. This shows that if you want your business to have that element of appeal, make sure your employees are happy.

And one way is to invest in using a commercial automatic sliding door. It will simply open up when customers are near and encourage them to come in. So, This indirectly brings more business.

5. Reduced Energy Costs

By using automatic sliding doors, you can save energy and result in lower energy bills each month. This is supported by research from DCS Global, which states that installing automatic sliding doors can save more than 30% of energy costs than using conventional sliding doors.

This is because these sliding doors only open when the user is approaching and remain closed all the time. Then, it is also able to work well in maintaining warm or cold temperatures in your commercial or industrial buildings.

Those are 5 reasons why a commercial automatic sliding door is essential. Starting from offering comfort, aesthetic value, and hygiene level, to saving on monthly energy costs. So, the use of this automatic sliding door has an essential role in a business.