Pole Barn Sliding Door Quick Frame for Modern and Neater Look

By | June 21, 2022
pole barn sliding door quick frame

First of all, what is a pole barn? The answer is a type of post-frame construction that combines efficiency and adaptability. Using a pole to serve as a key to the foundation of the entire barn, which is easier and cheaper to be prepare compared to other construction types. Pole barn sliding door quick frame often used to make barn doors to last longer and look neater.

Nowadays, barn doors not only used in a barn-type buildings, but also at home. It’s sliding door design is very suitable for saving space at home. Especially where the space is not wide enough for swinging door. This barn doors can be a single door or double doors, depends on the design.

Types of Barns Doors

There are three basic design of barn doors that commonly used, either at pole buildings or at home, as the explanation below:

  • Flush barn door. Usually looked smooth and flat.
  • Paneled barn door. Usually feature rails and stiles that form some kind of a design.
  • Glass barn door. Usually used at home, because it has a decorative appearance.

The common material used as barn door is wood, but also available in metal or manufactured wood. Wood has a rustic appearance, while metal or glass has contemporary appearance and modern look.

Quick Frame for Sliding Doors

The pole barn sliding door quick frame is one way to make the barn doors look neater. Because the door has a frame that makes it more define.

1. Material of Quick Frame

Usually, the material used to make the quick frame is aluminum. This kind of metal is considered light, easy to install, easy to be adjusted to the door used. The color also can be adjusted to the owner preference, to look better suited with the door.

2. Dimensions of Quick Frame

The form of the quick frame is like the letter “U” as the channel where the barn door will be inserted. The thickness is 1-1.2 inches depends on the thickness of the door. The width of the frame usually 2 inches with adjustable length, again, depends on the height of the door.

But the length available in the market is 8 feet up to 16 feet. So, it will be easier to adjust to the door you want to frame. Also completed with little slot if you want to cover the barn door with corrugated metal. That way, the wood safely covered inside the frame.

3. Installation of Quick Frame

This pole barn sliding door quick frame is considered easy to assemble. It can be done simply by using screws. The important detail is to make sure to have the right measurement for the length. Because each door probably has different sizes, depends on the design or placements.

It usually comes with bottom rails, rollers, guide rail bracket, and door stop. It’s available for single or double doors. Use hanger reinforcing kit to help transfer some of the door weight. Also, it makes the door more secure with the upper rail.

Pole barn sliding door quick frame lately becomes more preferable by more than 60% barn door owner. The modern and neat look it provides makes the owner like it more. Not to mention it will prevent the wooden door from accidental bump or scratch.