Sliding Door Fire Rated For Secure Building Protection

By | June 7, 2022
sliding door fire rated

There were 111,000 nonresidential structure fires in 2020 in the United States that caused civilian deaths and injuries. In addition, businesses also lost millions of dollars due to fires. Alternatively, they can install sliding door fire rated in their commercial buildings.

This is because commercial buildings more commonly use fire rated sliding door than residential structures. Then, these sliding doors are usually used in egress areas, such as storefronts, lobbies, exit doors, and so on. If you want to know more about sliding door fire rated, here is the review:

What Is Sliding Door Fire Rated?

This is a fire-rated sliding door that works to slow or stop the spread of fire and smoke. In certain features, this door is also able to slow down or stop the transfer of radiation and conductive heat. Usually, the common materials used are steel, fiberglass, refractory glass, or a combination of these materials.

Moreover, independent laboratories will carry out strict testing. In application, this sliding door has a passive fire protection system to provide around-the-clock defense against fire. Also, this fire-rated sliding door allows a safe and unobstructed passage out of a building.

The Benefits of Using It

In contrast to sliding doors in general, fire-rated sliding door has several benefits. If you have an office, factory, or other important building, you are better off using it. The following are the benefits of using a sliding door fire rated:

1. Prevent The Spread of Fire or Smoke

This sliding door can prevent the spread of fire and smoke throughout the building and structure. When a fire occurs during working hours, this door will also protect your employees from the spread of smoke and gases that spread from the fire.

This is because some noxious fumes and harmful gases can spread quite quickly. So, this sliding door can protect your assets and employees, as well as provide peace of mind.

2. Protect Your Assets

These sliding doors have several advantages and make them the most preferred choice for preventing fires and also ensuring protection in the home or workplace. This is because these sliding doors are installed using certain types of frames and with certain hardware.

That’s why these doors can protect the fire from spreading throughout your commercial property. This sliding door can protect your assets and employees. Then, you can get back to business more quickly after a fire occurs.

3. Have Advanced Control System

In general, this sliding door has a control system that keeps it open normally. However, in an emergency, these sliding doors allow for self-closing and positive latching. If you install sliding doors properly, they will not catch fire or fail for the duration of their fire rating.

In addition, standard fire ratings will vary greatly. Typically, fire ratings range from 20 to 180 minutes, depending on code criteria. Moreover, they must be kept closed during a fire to protect the means of egress.

That’s an interesting review about the sliding door fire rated. This review can be your consideration if you want to install these sliding doors in your commercial building. This is because these sliding doors will be of great help in an emergency.