How to Install Screen Sliding Door without Professional Help

By | May 25, 2022
how to install screen sliding door

If you install the screen to the sliding door, it can block up to 95% of solar gain. This will help increase the efficiency of your home’s cooling system. Therefore, you need to know how to install screen sliding door.

You only need a few tools and three steps to install it. So, you can do it without any professional help. The following is a review of how to install screen sliding door:

Tools You Will Need

To install a screen sliding door, you need some tools. The tools are very simple; you may even have them at home. The following are some of the tools you need to install a sliding door screen without professional help:

  • Phillips screwdriver.
  • Drill.
  • Hacksaw.
  • 3 mm drill bit.
  • Rivet gun.
  • 5/32 drill bit.

How to Install Screen Sliding Door In 3 Easy Steps

If you have prepared some of the tools you need, now you are ready to install them. How to install a sliding door screen is quite easy. Here are some steps you can do:

1. Sliding The Door

You must first align the top rollers to the track when you install sliding doors. Then, you can lift the lower roller into the lower track. To make sure you have the roller properly on the track, slide it back and forth.

You can adjust the roller screw located on the back of the inside of the door using a Phillips head screwdriver. To align the door box with the drain line, start with the bottom roller.

When the door is aligned, adjust the roller up and down. It is enough to take an up and down movement of the door.

You can do this as many times as you like when you set it up. This is because over-adjusting can put too much pressure on the rollers and can damage them.

2. Installing The Lock

You can roll the sliding door back and forth several times when the correct roller adjustment is reached. It would help if you did so that the door set in correctly. You can attach the striker lock receiver in the lock from the outside position.

Then, when in the receiver line, you can close the sliding door and mark the bottom, top and sides of the striker receiver. Afterward, you must remove the receiving striker and align to the mark.

Next, in the center of the extension, you can drill the top hole using a 3mm drill bit. Then, attach the striker receiver to the receiver line. Drill and install the bottom screw, when you have tested the lock and it works fine.

3. Installing The Frame Interlock

Place your sliding door in the closed position. However, you have to make sure that the back of your sliding door should be above the glass panel receiving interlock by about 5mm.

Next, you can place the interlocking frame on the back of the door that has been provided. Then, it will match the fixed glass panels that the receiver interlocks.

Use a 5/32 drill bit to drill, then drill and rivet the interlocking frame. To make sure it works properly, slide forward and backward. However, there are some cases that require you to adjust the length of the interlocking frame using a hacksaw.

Now you know how to install screen sliding door in 3 easy ways. Then, your sliding door has a screen so that your home is more comfortable for you to live in. Moreover, you will be able to do it successfully without professional help.