Telescopic Sliding Door, All You Need to Know

By | May 31, 2022
telescopic sliding door

At the entrance with limited space, or to maximize access to a narrow space, you can use a telescopic sliding door. This sliding door model has many options that can suit your needs. In addition, this door model also has an elegant design and high performance.

Therefore, no wonder many people start using it. Although, this sliding door model is more widely used in offices, hospitals, or other public buildings. If you want to know more about the telescopic slide door, here is the review:

What Is Telescopic Sliding Door?

This is a door model that has leaves that slide one in front of the other to fit into the reduced retraction space on the sides when you open them. Moreover, this door model only requires about 30% less when you compare it to a regular sliding door.

This is because this door model has a slimmer leaf. However, this door model can close very large openings, even up to 4 thousand mm in width. Then, the operation of this door model is also very quiet, making many people interested in installing it.

The Features and Aspects

There are several features in this model of sliding doors that make it special. For example, such as the double cavity slider unit, telescopic double cavity framework, and others. If you want to know what its features and aspects are, here is the list:

1. Telescopic Double Cavity Framework

In a telescopic sliding door, there is a frame that is similar to other types of double-cavity sliding door frames. However, this sliding door model does not have a cumbersome series of floor tracking or guide to make it easy for you to operate.

Moreover, the frame for the telescopic double cavity sliding door features a high-quality track operation and carriage system. Meanwhile, to supply the door movement guide, there is an overlapping point for the door and a small size guide is installed on the floor.

2. Double Cavity Slider Unit

You will easily attach this sliding door unit to an adjoining wall with a wide door opening. Then, this unit will allow the telescopic door to slide completely into the pockets attached to both sides of the large door.

So, a telescopic sliding door only requires a small area than the usual door model. Then, the two panels of this sliding door can slide into adjoining walls, with the telescopic frame attached. This allows full opening of the wide doorway.

3. Telescopic Doors

You can operate this model door manually or automatically. Then, this door model can also be made of aluminum, as well as solid or hollow natural timbre.

Then, this door model also has high durability because it consists of medium density fiberboard. This MDF is resistant to cracking, warping, and even breaking. Therefore, MDF is popular for its durable natural timbre doors and the sustained durability of the painted or finished surface.

Now you know about telescopic sliding door, which you can use as a reference. There are several features that other sliding door models don’t have. So, this type of sliding door model offers a different solution that takes user comfort into account.