Pet Door for Sliding Door: How to Install It

By | May 19, 2022
pet door for sliding door

Dogs that don’t play much will suffer from behavioral problems. This is supported by a study conducted by the University of Bristol on 4000 dog owners. Therefore, you need to install a pet door for sliding door.

It will make it easier for them to come and leave the house. So, they can play more freely in your yard and not just inside the house. The following are some steps to installing a pet door for sliding door:

1. Check The Design of Your Sliding Door

The first step is that you have to check your sliding door and measure the track of the door. Then, see if your sliding door track is monorail or not. If it’s not a monorail, you’ll find it easier to install it.

However, if your sliding door rail is the monorail, you can use a monorail adapter. Then, the inserted panels form a partition and divide the entire door into 2 parts. One part is the stationary panel with the dog door and the other is your pre-existing sliding door panel.

2. Measure Your Dog

You don’t want the size of the pet door for sliding door to be too small or too big. Therefore, you need to measure your pet. Measure the widest part of your pet’s body and add about 2″. Also measure how high your pet is from shoulder to toe and add 1″.

3. Position The Flap On The Door

The next step is to cut out a piece of cardboard that will give you an idea of where you will place the pet door on your sliding door. Then, you should place this in a corner area.

So, it will not interfere with the function of your sliding door. In addition, make sure you put the pet door in a place that is comfortable and easy for your pet to find it.

4. Measure The Sliding Door

When you install additional panels for pet doors, your door area will be reduced. Therefore, you will need to measure the door with a tape measure and find the measurements for the panel you are going to install.

Usually, the panel size will incorporate the width of the cover you will install in it. Then, you can buy panels with specifications according to your reference. There are many sliding door panels for pets that you can install on your sliding door.

5. Fit The Panel In

If the panel you bought is correct, now is the time for you to install it. You can place the panels on the bottom track and place them where you want them. Then, turn the screw from the bottom to stabilize it.

Also, it’s easier for you to position it from the top. Generally, panels for sliding doors have some type of pressure system towards the top end. That way, you don’t need any additional tools to install it.

You will also find it easier to remove the panel. When you have properly positioned the panels, tighten the screws and fit them in place so they don’t move.

Those are 5 steps on how to install a pet door for sliding door. You just follow the procedure and the panels on your sliding doors are easy to install. And now, your pet is freer to come and go without experiencing hassle.