The Cause of Sliding Door Glass Broken You Need to Know

By | June 11, 2022

According to, about 95% of manufacturers produce glass doors with tempered glass. These sliding doors made by aluminum, wood, stainless steel and many more. Owing to certain factors, these materials may cause the sliding door glass broken.

The installation process and maintenance can also cause the sliding door to get scratch and even broken. Here are a number of reasons that sliding glass doors are prone to damage and breakage as follows:

1. Poor quality

Sliding door glass broken because there’s a variety of factors. Damage usually occurs when cutting panels or tearing at the edges when the glass was packed or shipped somewhere. This imperfect condition makes the glass prone to breaking.

Glass can shrink and expand in response to building movement, wind loads, changes in temperature and other environmental factors. The pressure makes the glass sliding door appear to break spontaneously. However, the damage has occurred for months or even years.

2. Thermal Stress

Thermal stress can be another possibility for glass breakage. Glass subjected to thermally induced stress can occur due to the positive temperature difference between the edges and the center part. Usually, the center is hotter than the edges one.

The central expansion of the heated glass creates tensile stress at the edges. The damage can occur if the thermally induced stress exceeds the edge strength of the glass.

Thermal stress needs to take into account design trends and natural lighting.This issue may encourage the industry to make larger IG units using high-performance solar control coatings. It requires analysis when combining coatings to manage solar energy.

3. Installation Issues

The edges of the glass can easily nick or chip with various tools while shipping, moving or installing it. You may find minor damage, including points or fragments, as it will not cause breakage.

Glass shrinks and expands over time and can create stress concentrations around the notch that can lead to cracks. Hence, when the tempered glass breaks, the entire sliding door unit usually shatters.

4. Frame-Related Breakage

Shrinkage and expansion of the glass frame can cause frame-related breakage. It is known as the common problem of spontaneous failure. This type of event occurs when gaskets, edges, or setting blocks for curtain walls and metal window frames.

When the frame is missing or does not adequately protect the glass, it will be damaging the surface and edges. In addition, this condition can be cause by wind movement or temperature changes in contact with the metal frame.

5. Manufacturing Defects

The cause of the spontaneous broken glass is inclusions in the nickel sulfide. In general, the manufacture of glass using a stainless-steel machine which is the cause of inclusions.

Stainless steel shavings containing nickel will go through changes in their structure. This condition can also be a cause of internal stress on the glass. No wonder tempered glass is sometimes susceptible to such conditions.

That’s the information about the cause of the sliding door glass broken. You may need to replace it with the help of a reputable glass store or door dealer near you. They will give you recommendations and to take accurate measurements.