Top 5 Electronic Lock for Sliding Door In 2022

By | June 7, 2022
electronic lock for sliding door

In 2019, the global smart door lock market size was USD 1,172.5 million. And in 2027, it is expected to increase to USD 4,449.2 million. This is because smart locks work electronically and have advanced features. However, do you know the best product for an electronic lock for sliding door?

This is because many electronic locks are available in the market. All of these electronic locks have many features that will make it easier for you to operate your sliding door. If you want to know the 5 best electronic lock for sliding doors, here is the list:

1. Lockey 150

This is a very secure electronic lock and is available in several colors so you can match it to your sliding door frame and your home. In addition, this electronic lock also has a lifetime mechanical warranty so that it benefits you.

Unfortunately, this electronic lock can only use one code. So when multiple guests need a code to enter your home, everyone will get the same code.

2. Autoslide

This electronic lock can automate your sliding door. So, you can close your sliding door hands-free. You can open the sliding door in two ways, with the infrared motion sensor or the remote. You’ll also find it easy to install as it comes with a DVD showing how to install it.

Despite the high price, this electronic lock has a 2-year warranty. Unfortunately, this electronic lock cannot be integrated into your smart home ecosystem, even if it is completely hands-free.

3. Gateman G-Swipe

If you are looking for an electronic lock for sliding door that is easy to install, you can use the Gateman G-Swipe. This electronic lock is equipped with interlocking bolts, perfect for your sliding door.

This product, originally from Korea, is also equipped with a vertical clamp. Then, you will be sure of its safety.

Another plus of the electronic lock is that it can store up to 20 fingerprints. Unfortunately, this electronic key can’t connect to WiFi so you can’t access it via the mobile app.

4. Ozone RFID Sliding Door Digital Lock

This is the perfect electronic lock for your wooden sliding door. You can use this electronic lock with RFID, passcode, or both. Then, this electronic lock works using 4 AA batteries and has an emergency backup feature.

Moreover, if your room is too hot, this electronic lock can automatically open your sliding door. Then, this electronic lock also has a fire alarm feature to ensure your safety.

5. Smonet Smart Deadbolt

This advanced electronic lock can recognize fingerprints in just 0.5 seconds. Then, your sliding door will open in just 1 second. Then, by using this electronic key, you can open your sliding door in various ways, from IC card, Bluetooth, fingerprint, passcode, smartphone application, and so on.

This electronic lock has good security features. This is because this electronic lock allows you to create up to 500 passcodes. Then, if someone enters the wrong password more than 5 times, your sliding door will lock automatically.

Those are the 5 best electronic lock for sliding doors that you can use as a reference. You can choose an electronic lock that can accommodate your needs. Moreover, you can easily find all of these electronic locks in online and offline hardware stores.