Sliding Door Lock With Key For Your Security

By | July 2, 2022
sliding door lock with key

The Sliding door has gained popularity due to its function in space-saving. Also, the variety of materials used for the door or frame. The size is also easily adjustable to the openings of different dimensions. But what about the security? A sliding door lock with key is the answer.

Security is needed to avoid burglary, but also for the protection of the children inside the house. The usual method is installing a lock with a key on both sides of the door. That way it can prevent people without a key from opening the door. No matter which side of it they are on.

There are varieties of sliding door lock with key that is available on the market. You can choose the ones that are more to your need and liking. Here are the 6 popular styles of sliding door lock with key:

1. Double Bolt Locks

This type is quite common and easily installed by yourself. It comes with two parts, one to be installed in the jamb as the receiver of the bolt. The other one is inside the door where the key is. They hold tightly with the interlocking bolts. The plastic parts may need to be replaced in a year or so, depending on the type chosen. But the cost is not much and it can be done easily.

2. Keyed Lock

This type can work both from the inside and outside. It has thumb set options and mortise set. The locks will be put into the standard knock-out hole on your door and jamb. But check the hole’s measurement first to ensure the lock set will fit in nicely.

3. Mortise and Hook Style

This type is the common sliding door lock with key used. It is easily replaced when needed. The key is usually on the inside, so if you were locked outside, you need help to open the lock from inside the house. The lock hook operates by a thumb latch, not connected to the handle. Since it is put inside the door thickness. The surface of the door can be freely decorated.

4. Offset Thumb Turn Lock

Similar to the mortise and hook style. The difference is the thumb latch is integrated into the handle. So, it may be easier to reach when locking the door. Like mortise, the lock works from the inside.

5. Patio Locks

This type is a spring-loaded keyed lock. Installed either at the top or the bottom of the door frame. The larger part installed the door. There is a plate connects the door frame part of the lock. To holds the door, the spring-loaded pull slots into the plate. The key lock prevents anyone from pulling out the pin without the key.

6. Digital Locks

Thanks to the progress of technology, even a sliding door lock with key have a digital option. The key is the code to put in if you want to get inside the house. The handle can be installed separately for pulling the door. The key also comes with varieties, such as a remote control, and key card. Completed with Bluetooth and even Wi-Fi connection.

That concludes the explanation about the sliding door lock with key. There are keyless varieties as well, but still, more than 75% of people feel safer with a lock and keys on their door. Either traditional or digital locks. It all depends on your preference and design.