Sliding Door Screens for Dogs: 6 Tips for Preventing Dogs from Damage It

By | May 19, 2022
sliding door screens for dogs

According to the Pet Ownership Statistics study conducted by AVMA, in the United States, more than 63.4 billion households keep dogs. However, dog owners should know about sliding door screens for dogs because dogs often damage them.

Whereas, sliding door screens are useful for letting fresh air into the house. Fortunately, some solutions can help you protect sliding door screens. The following are some solutions to prevent dogs from damaging sliding door screens for dogs:

1. Adding Visual Barriers

Dogs sometimes tend to run to screen doors when they find something of interest in your yard. Therefore, you can add a visual barrier to your sliding door screens.

Then, you can add a neon-colored ribbon at the bottom of the screen door so your dog knows there’s an object here that they can’t charge through. Alternatively, you can attach the felt to the lower half of the screen door using a pin through the screen mesh.

2. Using Scratch Shield

Sometimes dogs want to get out so they keep scratching at the screen door. This must be annoying for you because it can damage the sliding dog screens.

The solution is you can add a scratch shield that you can place over the door where your dog scratches the most. Also, you can take a few extras and place them on the sliding door screens for dogs to protect the glass and paint.

3. Installing Screen Grills

You can buy screen grills at a pet store, home supply store, or e-commerce. The price is affordable, especially if your dog often damages the sliding door screens. Then, screen grills are also easy for you to install because they only use a few screws.

4. Using Heavy Duty Screen

If you have a small outdoor dog, you can use a heavy-duty screen. The purpose of installing a heavy-duty screen is to hold your dog’s claws and jaws in place.

Unfortunately, installing heavy-duty screens is not easy so you can contact a door replacement specialist. If you want to install it yourself, you need to be careful because this installation often causes damage to your sliding screen door.

5. Installing Magnetic Screen Door

This is an unpopular option for dog owners, but it’s worth trying. You can use a magnetic screen door as an alternative to traditional screen doors. This magnetic screen door has a magnetic strip attached to each half of the screen. The magnetic strip will work to close the screen door after your dog has passed through.

In addition to preventing your dog from damaging the sliding door screens, installing a magnetic screen door is also helpful in preventing insects from entering your home. However, choose a good quality and durable magnetic screen door

6. Using Screened Dog Door

If you don’t mind your dog going outside at any time, you can install a screened dog door. Usually, this door will be installed at the bottom of the door. So, your dog can easily push itself without damaging the sliding door screens.

That’s a review of how to prevent dogs from damaging sliding door screens for dogs. You can try one of the ways that you think is the easiest and most affordable. However, you better choose it according to your needs and your dog’s habits.