Sliding Door For Bathroom: Advantages and Types

By | July 1, 2022
sliding door for bathroom

When designing doors, usually bathroom doors are quite overlooked. We usually underestimate the importance of bathroom doors. Whereas the right type and design can enhance the aesthetics of your home, as well as functionality. The sliding door for bathroom is one of them.

Advantages of Sliding Door for Bathroom

There are advantages to using a sliding door for bathroom. The first and foremost is the space-saving reason. Especially in the small living or working areas. The space in front and the back of the door can be used for other purposes. More than 60% of people today choose a sliding door instead of the regular swing one.

It also adds a touch to the entire design. Especially with a variety of materials used as the door. So it can be another important detail in the interior.

Types of Bathroom Sliding Door

In today’s progress in technology, the material used as a bathroom sliding door also varies. As another important detail in the interior, the bathroom door can also function as a decorative element. Here are some of them:

1. Aluminum Doors

The prominent thing about aluminum is its lightness. So it is easy to install, and easy to use. The types vary, either as a door frame for glass doors or as the door itself. The color can be adjusted to the design and can add a modern touch to the home.

It is also easy to maintain because it is easy to clean, and also resistant to water and humidity. Very suitable for bathroom. Aluminum is also not affected by weather changes, so it will not be deformed in any way. Not to mention that the price is also very negotiable.

2. Wooden Doors

Even though it has a certain weight if made of solid wood, the overall appearance is very good. It adds a natural or vintage touch to the interior. It is also more eco-friendly. The type of wood or the door design can be adjusted to fit the whole theme.

Due to its nature, the installation has to think about the weight and humidity of the bathroom. Better not located directly or near any water source. But usually, the wood used for bathroom doors is already being processed as dry wood to be resistant to humidity.

3. Shoji Screen Doors

If the house has a Japanese-style design, then shoji screen doors are also a good alternative for bathroom doors. A great way to complement a Zen-style décor. It also has the ability to let through the light to add brightness to the bathroom.

But the design today is using glass instead of the original paper-like screen. It can also have opaque looks to avoid transparency. Or even playing with glass stickers or decorative glass to add a more decorative look.

4. Glass Doors

As in shower screens or doors used inside the bathroom, a glass door is also applicable. It gives a modern touch to the design. But usually, it is paired with a frame made of another material. Such as wood, aluminum, etc.

The glass can maintain a transparent look or be used as a decorative element. By adding color or texture or any decorative materials. But mind the weight of the glass, especially if it’s thick. So the installation needs to consider this matter more.

5. Alternative Material Doors

As creativity arises, the material used for bathroom doors also has more options. Such as resin, different types of plastic, mirror, and anything you can think of. Anything you like to add to the interior of the house.

Points to Consider for Bathroom Door

The bathroom is always connected to water and humidity. These are two important things to consider when choosing the door material. But don’t let it hamper your creativity and design. Because any material you choose can be adjusted to these matters.

The wood is processed until it is dried and put lacquer finish. The weight of the glass and wood can be handled by a good installation. The design also helped in locating the door to add durability and easy maintenance.

Choosing sliding door for bathroom really depends on the design and your creativity. Point to consider is always the durability, humidity, weight, and maintenance. As long as it is under careful consideration, then free your mind.