Important Things When Choosing Curtain Over Sliding Glass Doors

By | June 25, 2022

Are you decorating your space? Creating privacy? Showcasing a fantastic view? There is a curtain to fulfill your every need. Here is a detailed guide about curtain over sliding glass doors and some useful tips to choose the best curtains.

Things You Should Know Before Choosing Curtain Over Sliding Glass Doors


Before you choose the curtains, size them. Along with curtains, also size the curtain rods. The curtain rods should not stop at the end of the door frames. If it does, the curtain rod may hinder the entry and exit. Ensure the curtain rod is long enough. The curtain should not block the sun when pleated to an end.

Measure the sliding doors before choosing the curtains. The curtains should be wide and should completely close the sliding doors.

Tips to choose the size of the curtains

  • While hanging curtains, make sure there is an inch gap above the floor. The gap helps in keeping the curtains clean.
  • Do not use pocket style curtains for sliding doors. The pocket style curtains are popular and are ideal for small windows and not for long sliding doors. Instead pinch pleat and grommet style curtains help in smoother operation. Pinch pleat curtain draws lots of fabric to a gathered bunch at the top.
  • Use holdbacks or tiebacks. The tiebacks and holdbacks help to prevent the curtains from blowing around in the breeze. If you do not use tiebacks, the curtains are exposed to dirt.
  • Opening direction: Always open the curtains in the direction of the door.
  • Always match your curtains to the wall colors and theme.

Sliding Door Curtain Ideas

Black out curtains

These curtains help in blocking the light. They come with a thin opaque lining. The lining is attached to the interior side. The blackout curtains are ideal for rooms that do not have temperature controls.

Energy Efficient curtains

Just like the blackout curtains, the energy efficient curtains also block light. These curtains are also called the thermal curtains. They are ideal for temperature controlled rooms.

Sheer curtains

The sheer curtains are used to allow natural light to enter inside your room. These curtains help to maintain privacy. Choose light colors while selecting the sheer curtains.

Indoor or Outdoor Curtains

These curtains are ideal to be used near the swimming pool or any other water source. They offer UV protection and are water repellent curtains.

Layered curtains

The layered curtains act as light filters. You can combine the layered curtains along with vertical blinds.

Vertical Cellular shades

These curtains come with honeycomb like structures. They are ideal if you live in extreme climates, that is, the places that are extremely hot during summers and extremely cold during winters. These curtains help in lowering the energy bills.

French Door Curtains

The French door curtains help in blocking the sunlight. They are installed with a tension rod mount.

Sliding panels

These are also called Track blinds. They are usually made of Eco-friendly materials like bamboo, woods and grasses.

How to choose the right curtain for your sliding door?

Length and Width

Before choosing the curtain, measure the sliding glass door. The standard size of the sliding door is between 5 feet and 6 feet, that is, around 60 inches to 72 inches. Add an additional 4-5 inch so that the curtain pasts the door frame when draped. After measuring the door, choose the right curtain rod. The rod should be longer than the door. For instance, if your door is 73 inches wide, your rod should be at least 80 inches wide.

Material and Style

These are the aesthetic parts of the curtain. Before you choose the color and pattern, select the style and fabric type. The different styles of curtains are single panel, double panel and triple panel. When you are choosing the curtains for a sliding door in living, choose the one that is not too heavy or too light. There should be soft light in the room when the sun is too bright.

Color and Pattern

After choosing the material density, select the pattern and color. Make sure the color and pattern goes well with the wall color and theme of the room.

How to hang curtains over sliding glass doors?

  • Measure the doors. Mark the center point with a pencil. Make sure the mark is 4 inches above the door frame.
  • From each side of the door, measure 2 inches and mark the spots with a pencil.
  • Mark the center of the side brackets.
  • Drill holes in the marked locations.
  • Seat the anchors firmly and tap them with a hammer.
  • Poke the screws into the anchors. Now mount the other bracket the same way.
  • Set the curtain rod and hang the curtain.

You will need a measuring tape, drilling machine, pencil, drywall anchors, hammer, curtain rings, curtain rod, brackets and a curtain.

Factors to consider while choosing a curtain


For a living room choose light colored curtains. Layered curtains are the best option for living room. For a bedroom, choose a curtain that creates good ambience. Also, the curtain should darken the room when you want to sleep. If you are choosing a curtain for your kids’ bedroom, go with animated ones or bright colored curtains. For kitchen, choose the curtains that are easy to clean.


Before choosing the curtain, know the purpose. For instance, choose velvet curtains if you want to blackout the room. Go for sheer curtains if you want to create a good style.


Lining makes the curtains richer and fuller. Add the lining if you want to keep the room warm in winter and cool during summer. In other words, use lining if you live in extreme climates.

Density and thread

Go for curtains with thick density if you want to block sunlight. Thick density curtains are ideal for bedrooms. Use thin density curtains in kitchen and living room.

Curtains or Blinds?

Curtains make the space decorative and reflect the style and decor very easily. Blinds on the other hand give a versatile look. They offer better control over light and provide better privacy. You should go for curtains if you prefer wide range of styles.