Sliding Door Dimensions For All Purposes

By | July 1, 2022
sliding door dimensions

Sliding doors can give many advantages to the house. It is space-saving characteristic is the prominent one. Add to that, it can also function as a decorative detail for the interior design. It is also adjustable so sliding door dimensions can nicely fit your needs.

The material used for the door can be chosen from many sources. Such as wood, glass, metal, and even other alternative materials. Like plastic, resin, and many more. The dimension, however, will have to fit your needs.

Size Options

There are a few options in sliding door dimensions. Basically, there are standard, multi-panel, and custom sizes. Then how to choose what you need? Here are the explanations:

1. Standard Size Doors

The standard dimension is 80-inches (2 meters) tall with a width between 60 (1,5 meters) to 72 inches ( 1,8 meters). It depends on the space available. Mostly, more than 60% will use the standard size to make door replacement easier. Either for a single individual door or for two sections (one fixed glass panel and one sliding glass panel).

2. Multi-Panel Doors

These multi-panel doors come in many varieties. It can be two-panel, three-panel, and sometimes more than 3-panel. It is made like an accordion or folded sliding panel. The height is standard 80-inches, but the width may vary. It all depends on the space for the door.

The width is always measured for the whole unit, not just the part people can walk through. The height is the standard 80 inches. For a two-panel sliding door, the width varies between 60 (1,5 meters) to 96 inches (2,4 meters). For three-panel sliding door dimensions, it could reach between 108 (2,7 meters) to 144 inches (3,6 meters) wide.

3. Custom Size Doors

Now for more than three-panel sliding doors, the size is custom-made. The measurement will be adjusted to your openings. If it is too wide, then it will be divided into several panels. To open the door, you can open just one panel, or fold them to fully open it.

This kind of custom-size door can be adjusted to the width and height of the opening. The height can reach 96 inches (2,4 meters). But be aware of the installation to make it secure and safe with extra hold when necessary.

For heavy-duty sliding doors in factories, barns, or any other business areas, the dimensions are always in custom sizes. Because it has to consider the size of the heavy-duty vehicle or any other equipment used in the operations.

Materials for Sliding Doors

In today’s progress of technology, the options of material for sliding door comes in a wide variety. Such as wood slabs, wood panels, glass, aluminum, PVC, resin, and many more. The choice will depend on the design of the house and your own preference.

Every material has a different style of appearance for the overall interior. And influenced the installation system and maintenance for long-term uses. Moreover, it will influence the cost. Especially when it comes to custom dimensions.

But even the standard dimensions can be influenced by the material chosen. Because each material has its own dimensions that need to be adjusted to the sliding door dimensions needed.

Dimensions vs Cost

The design of the interior will influence the sliding door dimensions, including the material used. Moreover, the material used will influence the installation details. Because all of those matters will influence the cost.

Especially if it is added by upgrades, such as texture, pattern or color, and non-standard hardware. The standard size always is the most economical. But don’t let the cost interfere with the design that you like. Choose the best options in size, material, and installation. So the cost will be balanced by durability.

Sliding door dimensions may be influenced by the design and the opening. But if that is your chosen design, then you’ll be happy with it. Even though when added with material and hardware used, it will come with a higher cost overall.