Sliding Door Track Systems Types

By | July 4, 2022
sliding door track systems

Sliding door track systems come in a variety of different types. Depends on the design of the door. Choosing a sliding door track systems needs to consider the type of the door, the location of the doorway, and the weight of the door itself.

The styles can be adjusted to the design or preference. But take note of the installation requirements to make it work smoothly. Poorly made and low-quality track systems can be a burden in the long run.

Things to Consider in Choosing Sliding Door Track Systems

There are a lot of different options of sliding door track systems to choose from. Once again, you need to think about the weight and size of the door, and the design. Because the good track systems have to be able to support the weight of the door and work smoothly.

  • Door weight, width, and height. The standard hardware can support up to 200 lbs (around 91 kgs). But in custom hardware, it could support up to 4,400 lbs (around 1.996 kgs). The light-type doors are aluminum or PVC. But glass, solid wood, and even plywood have their own weight to consider. The bigger the door, the more weight to support.
  • Material of the door. Different materials used will need different treatment in choosing the track systems. The light material may use the standard track system. But the heavy material may need more detailed hardware.
  • Location of the doorway. For the sliding door inside the house, you may have a decorative style track system. But for the sliding doors that are connected to the outdoor area, you may need extra precautions. As the weather can influence the durability of the hardware.
  • Make the right measurements. The track systems chosen should cover the opening, but also leave room for when the door is open. Not as easy as the swing door with hinges.
  • A bottom track is necessary to install for exterior sliding doors.

Types of Sliding Door Tracks System

Basically, there are 3 different types of sliding door tracks systems available. Each has its own style. You can choose the one that is the best for your sliding door. Here is the explanation:

1. Invisible Sliding Door Track

Usually, this kind of track system is invisible because the door covers them. But this adds a modern look to your home. It used an aluminum track system and was reinforced by a larger bearing, pivot, hinges, and more. The specification data is as follows:

  • The two fixed spring systems can support up to 80 kgs of door weight. Also, up to 1,2 meters wide.
  • Configurations can be single or double tracks.
  • Using one-piece aluminum head-track. With a soft-close and soft-open mechanism.
  • Suitable for timber doors (solid or MDF).

2. Ceiling Mounted Sliding Track

These sliding door track systems are specially designed for doors of a large weight and size. It can support more door weight. Here are the specifications:

  • Can support the door weight up to 150 kgs per panel.
  • Configurations are: single, double, bilateral, corner meeting, and telescopic.
  • Made of heavy-duty aluminum or steel.
  • Suitable for materials such as aluminum, frameless glass, and timber doors (solid, hollow, and MDF).

3. Wall Mounted Sliding Track

This type is perfect if you want to hang your sliding door straight to the wall or ceiling. Usually, the hardware is completed with end caps to neatly hide the top of the door, track, and rollers. The specifications are:

  • Can support up to 400 lbs (180 kgs) per door.
  • Usually used for a combination of doors and fix panels.
  • Configurations are single, double, and telescopic (stacking).
  • Suitable for aluminum, frameless glass, and timber doors (solid, hollow, and MDF).

Choosing the right sliding door track systems can help the design and the operations to work smoothly. Find good quality hardware to support durability. Consider all the specifications in your design in order to find a good fit.