5 Best Lubricant for Sliding Door Tracks of 2022

By | June 1, 2022
best lubricant for sliding door tracks

The size of the lubricants market in America reached USD 19.18 billion in 2019. Then, in 2020-2027 it will be estimated to grow at a CAGR of 3.1%. This is because lubricants are widely used, including lubricating sliding door tracks. You can find out the best lubricant for sliding door tracks through this article.

Many people use lubricants to make sliding doors easier and smoother to operate. However, not all lubricants are suitable for this. Here is the best lubricant for sliding door tracks that you can use:

1. WD-40

It is a silicone-based lubricant that is water-resistant and also protects metal surfaces. In addition, this lubricant also protects rubber, vinyl, and plastic. So, it is not surprising that many people use this lubricant to lubricate their sliding door tracks.

Moreover, this lubricant also does not leave stains and make a mess. The WD-40 offers a fan-shaped spray that makes it easy for you to use. The price is also affordable and safe to lubricate your sliding door.

2. 3M Silicone Spray

If you are looking for a dry-type lubricant that can lubricate your sliding door tracks, a 3M silicone spray is the best choice. This is because this lubricant dries quickly and is easy for you to apply.

In addition, this lubricant also prevents moisture. Especially if your sliding door is wood and your house area often gets rain. This lubricant will keep the water out of your sliding door for a quite long time.

3. 3-In-One Professional Garage Door Lubricant

This is the best lubricant for sliding door tracks because it doesn’t leave any residue behind. So, your sliding door track still looks clean. This is because some lubricants leave a white trace that makes your sliding door look disgusting.

Then, this lubricant is also easy for you to use because you just need to spray it on the track. Also, this lubricant can work on various surfaces, whether it is plastic, wood, ceramic, or metal.

4. CRC Heavy Duty Silicone Lubricant

It is an ideal lubricant for rubber, wood, and metal surfaces that can withstand both harsh and humid environments. The film is also clean, highly waterproof, and odorless so it’s safe when you apply it.

Unfortunately, you can’t use this lubricant on a freshly painted surface. Although this lubricant you can use effectively and safely on almost all materials.

5. DuPont Teflon Silicone Lubricant Aerosol Spray

If you are looking for an easy-to-use and long-lasting lubricant to lubricate sliding door tracks, this is the best lubricant. This is because this lubricant is a dry Teflon film coating, which leaves a durable, dirt-resistant coating.

Then, the film is also micro-thin making it perfect for your sliding door track. Another plus is that it is water-resistant and can protect and lubricate a variety of different materials, including metal, wood, and plastic.

In addition, this lubricant is silicone-based. So, it is suitable for non-metallic materials, which are usually easily damaged by conventional lubricants.

Those are the best lubricant for sliding door tracks, which you can use as a reference. You can use one of them so that the track on your sliding door becomes smoother and quieter when you operate it. Then, you can also choose the one that is perfect for your sliding door track.