How to Choose the Best Sliding Glass Door Curtain Ideas

By | June 23, 2022
Sliding Glass Door Curtain Ideas

The sliding door could be the most challenging part of your house to dress up. Most people use the vertical curtain to cover this door. But, let’s admit it. The vertical curtains mostly lack beauty and an artistic vibe, right? And, if this is the only option to cover your sliding door that also could be boring soon. So, are there good sliding glass door curtain ideas?

There are many of them. This article was written to help you to understand what your sliding door needs. Then, we also add some of the curtain ideas that will make your sliding door look even more beautiful. Now, before we move to the ideas, you should understand several types of sliding door curtains. It will help you decide which style you want to use on your sliding door.

The Type of Sliding Door Curtains

The types of curtains you can use on the sliding doors are mostly the same as what you can use on the windows. However, people and interior designers mostly only use three types of the curtain for this type of door. They are:

  • Drapes or Basic Curtains

One of the most common window treatments for sliding doors is drapes or curtain panels. This type of curtain is easy to install on the sliding door. Moreover, it has a design that allows you to have wide enough space in the middle you can pass through when you use the door. This design also doesn’t disturb the functionality of the sliding door. Therefore, you can open or close it without experiencing any problems.

Depending on the colors, pattern, and transparency, you also can decide the privacy protection you want to apply to the door. So, you can use this type as a simple accessory to beautify your sliding door. Or, it also can work as a cover that prevents anyone from seeing the other side of the sliding door, especially if you use a glass sliding door.

  • Valance

Valance is also known as the half curtain. This type of curtain doesn’t cover the whole sliding door, only the top half. Therefore, it is more functioned as a decoration for the door rather than a protection for your privacy. If you live alone and don’t need that much privacy protection for a room, you can install this curtain on your sliding door.

If you have a glass sliding door, valance is also a good choice for providing shade from the sunlight. You will need to combine it with the shade-type curtain, though, to make it work well as the curtain and protection.

  •  Shades

This type of curtain stays in place vertically. It comes with the pole that you should install on the top edge of your sliding door frame. You have to roll it up first to open the shade before you use the sliding door. Therefore, people tend to use the shade curtain when they want to cover the sliding door for a long time. For example, they only close the shade when they sleep at night or leave their house. Other than that, they will keep this curtain open, so they can use the sliding door without problems.

The Best Sliding Glass Door Curtain Ideas

How about that? At this point, we believe you already know what kind of curtain-type that fits with your sliding door and style preference. So, to help you decide easier and inspire you to choose the best curtain style for your sliding door, we have several ideas that you can try below.

  • Entire Walls Curtain

One of the popular curtain ideas for sliding doors is the wall curtain. You will need a big-sized curtain that covers the entire wall where you install your sliding door here. Use a similar color theme or pattern with the wall, so it looks uniform and balanced.

Then, install the curtain pole on the top part of the wall near the ceiling. Make sure the curtain covers the entire wall height leaving 2-3 inches of space on the bottom part or from the floor. Then, you can open it when you want to use your sliding door. It is a perfect style for sliding doors that you use a lot, like a patio or bedroom.

You can also use curtain rod for the entire walls curtain. A curtain rod for sliding glass doors can make your life a lot easier. It keeps the curtains in place and helps keep the door from being scratched. You can also use a curtain rod to hold up drapes on other windows.

  • Low Mounted Curtain Panels

How about if your wall has several panels that do not allow you to use the entire wall curtain? The answer is simple. You should mount the pole much lower, closer to the sliding door. Use the area right above the upper part of the sliding door frame. Of course, you also should adjust the curtain length to match the height from the pole to the floor.

To not make it too crowded, you also should install a thin type curtain. Therefore, you can open the curtain wide enough to let you see the whole frame of the sliding door. It does look beautiful. Furthermore, your sliding door will work without any obstruction.

  • Hanging the Curtain to the Ceiling

This method is also similar to the entire wall curtain. Instead of installing the curtain pole on the wall, install it on the ceiling. Choose the railing type mounted on the ceiling. This style is one of the best curtains for sliding glass doors for modern interior style. It looks neater. Moreover, the hidden rail also gives it a more minimalist vibe.

  • Minimalist Curtains Style

Speaking about minimalist style, you also can use a different method to achieve this look other than the previous methods. As for this one, you will play a bit with the color choices. First of all, use either the entire wall or ceiling curtain style. Then, choose the curtain color that matches the sliding door frame. For example, if your door frame is black, choose the black curtain.

When you open the curtain, it will blend well with the frame. In one glance, you won’t see a curtain there. It is only a door frame and sliding door that you can open as much as you want. With this hidden style, you can make your room look tidy and minimalist.

  • Double Curtain

Another style you also can use is the two curtain styles. This method also has better functionality value. In this method, you combine the entire wall curtain style with the low-mounted style. You use a thick curtain that can block light and view from outside on the entire wall curtain style. Then, you also install the low-mounted style right above the sliding door frame. As for this part, use the thin and transparent shade curtain.

The purpose of this style is to provide an adjustability function. So, when you want to cover your privacy or protect your room from sunlight, close both curtains. If you still want to see some light come in, open the thick curtain and close the thick or low-mounted curtain part. To let this function work well, use the white thin curtain.

  • Roman Shades Curtain

If you are bored with the standard curtain, you can try Roman shades for your sliding door. This unique curtain rolled up and opened the space for your sliding door. The best thing about this idea for a sliding door curtain is the pattern or color.

In general, Roman shades are made of natural materials, like wood or bamboo. The pattern is also different from what you can find on various modern or minimalist curtains. Therefore, this curtain style will give different looks to your sliding door and room. If you want to create a focal point that attracts all attention in your room, you can use it. Plus, you also don’t get bored with this unique curtain.

  • Sliding Panel Blinds

Next, you can try using the blinds panel. And, to match the sliding door functionality, choose one that you can also slide to the side. So, you can open it in the same direction as your sliding door. This will create a uniform appearance, which is one of the essential elements of modern interior style.

To ensure you can open the blinds fully and show all parts of the sliding door, you should have extra space on your wall. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t install it in a small room. The catch is you must sacrifice one of the door panels as the folded area for the blind panel.

  • Use Cellular Shades for Sliding Door Curtain

You also can try the cellular shades. As for this style, the curtain will fold in small size and be hidden on the side of the sliding door. You should install it, so it covers the entire part of the sliding door. That will give you better protection and privacy.

The best thing about cellular shade is it also blocks and traps the heat inside your room. So, you can use it to save more energy for your room temperature and heating system. This style is also perfect for the bedroom because it blocks the light completely. You can sleep comfortably with this curtain style.

  • Cascade Style

The cascade curtain style is similar to what you can find on the tent for camping. You roll it up and keep it stay on the top of the sliding door by manually rolling it up. Then, tie it with the strap that it has. These parts are included in one package. So, if you buy the cascade curtain for your sliding door, you only need to install it to use it.

This type of curtain might be a bit troublesome to use. However, this curtain is a perfect choice for you who want to have different looks in your room. Moreover, if you also love outdoor activity, this curtain will give you the camping vibe that you might want to have every day.


Choosing the best curtain for your sliding door, windows, or another part of your house is one of the essential parts of your room design and atmosphere. Each of the types of curtains we mentioned above and the sliding door curtain ideas you also can try will help you create a different type of vibe. Find one that matches your preference or the nuance that you want to create in your room. Then, you can make your sliding door look beautiful and improve your room appearance value to the next level.