The Best 60 X 80 Sliding Patio Door

By | July 12, 2022
60 X 80 Sliding Patio Doormp doors 60 in x 80 in smooth white left hand composite sliding

60 X 80 Sliding Patio Door – Spending time in quiet outdoor areas is difficult due to the busy lifestyle but also essential. In this case, Patios are no less than a blessing. These are always the best place in the home. Its cozy, comfortable and peaceful environment lets you relax and brings you close to nature for some time.

Being an outdoor area does not mean that it does not require any decor. Proper maintenance can give your house an artistic look; you should never ignore the decoration and care. And the first and foremost part of its maintenance is the door that connects it with your lounge.

The door should be durable and stylish, let in the natural light, and not block the beautiful vision of the patios. So sliding doors can be the best option for your decks.

This article will discuss the best 60 X 80 inches sliding patio doors. Let’s dive into the piece.

1. Sliding doors with Tempered Glass

Safety is the priority before decor. So 60 X 80 inches sliding patio doors with tempered glass will never block the natural light. These doors with tempered glass will protect you from the harsh weather and secure your house

Unlike other glass, tempered glass does not break easily at extreme temperatures.

These doors are generally insulated with Argon gas, minimize energy consumption, and do not affect the temperature of the interior attached to the patio. The Vinyl layer on the frame protects it from rotting problems making it durable and easily cleanable.

These doors are available in different colors. Choosing tempered glass would be way better than other low-quality glass materials.

2. 60″ X 80″ Sliding Patio Doors with Built-in Blinds

Sliding doors allow natural light and air to come in and brighten up your house with positivity. But controlling how much light should go in now would be better. So built-in blinds will help you to adjust the light entering your space.

You may have different covering options like drapes or curtains and other blinds. But sliding doors with built-in blinds give you freedom from using all these options.

The slates of the built-in blinds are fixed horizontally, giving you complete control to move them according to your need. It is convenient to install and use but has some drawbacks.

Let’s look at its drawbacks to help you choose the best item for your house.

Drawbacks of the sliding Patio doors with Built-In blinds

Although built-in blinds offer complete privacy and are convenient to use, their built-in design affects their energy efficiency. Because glass doors contain insulating gas filled in them, when these doors come with built-in blinds, the gas cannot be supplied to them and making them less energy efficient.

Moreover, these are not repaired easily and cannot be cleaned easily. We have discussed these doors from both perspectives. Now the choice is all yours.

However, some top brands also offer online services if you want to buy these doors.

  • ProVia
  • Andersen
  • Milgard

3. Sliding Patio Doors With Screens

Sliding patio doors with screens inside are not preferred by everyone. However, some people go for it because it allows fresh air easily flow through it without letting the bugs in.

Another option most people use is the patio door curtains as a screens substitute.

On the other hand, some people do not prefer sliding patio doors with screens due to several drawbacks.

The first drawbacks are kids. Sliding doors with screens are not ideal for homes because children create holes in them that might affect the efficiency of the screens.

Secondly, installing screens is not a good idea if you have pets at your home. Cats and dogs will tear the screen with claws within no time, and that will waste all your money.

It would never be a good idea to go with sliding patio doors with screens if you have kids or pets at your home.

How Should You Choose The Best Door For Your Home?

Sliding glass doors are a great addition to the house’s decor, but it needs to be durable, easy to clean, and adjustable.

As patio doors need not be elegant and decorative, they must also be secure. So before choosing any sliding patio door, consult professionals and check the quality of the glass and frames of the 60″ X 80″ inches sliding patio doors.

The glass should be durable enough to protect the interior from harsh weather without breaking or discoloration, and the frames of the sliding patio doors should be resistant to moisture absorption and rotting problems.

Timber and aluminum frames are also the best materials that give the entrance of your patio a modern and elegant look.

Should You Order Sliding Patio Doors Online?

Online shopping is expected in this modern age but has lots of drawbacks. It is better to avoid the idea of online shopping for household items.

And ordering patio doors online is very risky. So try to buy doors from stores for installation because online delivered doors are usually made of third-class material that will lose its functionality within days.

However, if you want to order online, buy it from reliable sites that also offer a guarantee.

Wrap Up

This article is a complete guide; hopefully, it has helped you choose the right option for your patio. Patio doors with screens and built-in blinds may be convenient and valuable, but durability is far more critical.

So sliding patio doors with quality tempered doors is the all-time best idea. Its texture prevents it from breaking in extreme weather; if it fails, its pieces would be harmless, unlike standard glass.

Hence sliding patio doors with tempered glass not only offers durability and elegance but also provide security along with the sunlight and beautiful vision of your patio.