Step by Step of Replacement Sliding Patio Screen Door

By | May 30, 2021
replacement sliding patio screen door

replacement sliding patio screen door

Work on replacement sliding patio screen door is easy. You can do it by yourself and do not need specific skills. You can replace it at your home.

Get all the essential tools with you. Take the screen, spline, spline roller, pliers, screwdriver, utility knife, and needle-nose pliers. The following steps inform you of the process and help you to learn about it.

Remove the Sliding Door Screen

You can begin this process by doing the first step. Start by removing the screen from the frame of your sliding patio door. You can’t work on it if the door is still in place.

Thus, you have to take out the door. Follow the track to ease removing it.

You can lift the door frame upside until its bottom edge.

The entire doors’ rollers have flexible rollers. It can unload from the lip at ease. After the door is off, you have to remove the handle too.

The handle can interfere when you set the new screen. You can use a screwdriver to take it off.

Select Screen Material and Required Tools

The second step is the materials and supplies that you need. You may find two materials for screen replacement, fiberglass, and wire. Both of them are available in rolls at a hardware store.

You can use fiberglass with pet-friendly material to replace your wire screen. Measure your sliding patio door to purchase enough material.

Then, you also require a screen spline. You will insert it between the mesh and the door frame edge. Select the one that fits and secure your sliding patio door groove.

Do not forget about a spline roller made of plastic. You can start to work with all this material and all prepared tools.

Clean the Door from Spline and Screen

Now, it is time to work with the third step for the replacement sliding patio screen door. This part enables you to remove any existing spline from your door. Then, you may continue by cleaning your sliding patio door thoroughly.

You can start by inserting your screwdriver tip into your door frame corner. Work to one corner and take out the old spline using the pliers. You have to do it slowly and carefully.

Focus on its metal edges and be concerned about it. Make sure you do not bend it. Work until all old splines are off.

Next, ripped your sliding patio door screen. Once all is complete, you already clean your door frame.

Install the Replacement Screen

This fourth step allows you to use your spline roller. It functions to push the new spline and finish your replacement process. This tool is used for the spline as well as the replacement screen.

Place your new pet-friendly fiberglass screen on your sliding patio door. Cover all your door edges with this screen. You can start from one corner and end to another corner.

Gently push it with your tools and make sure it attaches to the door metal groove. If your work is going in perfectly, you have to repeat it. You can undo placing the new screen and try it again.

Finalize the Process

You are at the final step now. In this process, you can cut the excess screen. Trim away the unnecessary screen using the prepared utility knife.

Cut it carefully until all is neat and clean. Check all door corners after trimming the excess screen.

Next, you can reinstall your sliding patio door to its frame. Be sure to place both spline and screen properly. You may use your spline roller convex end.

Push it firmly and return everything like previously. The step for the replacement sliding patio screen door finishes.