Sliding Door Measurements That You Need to Know

By | June 1, 2022
sliding door measurements

The size of the global door market, including sliding doors, in 2025, is projected to be USD 11.82 from 2020 which reached USD 90.6.. This is due to customers’ evolving interior decoration preferences. So, if you want to install it, find out first about sliding door measurements.

Sliding doors are available in various sizes, depending on the number of panels. In gist, the more panels, the wider the width. If you want to know more about sliding door measurements, here is the review:

1. Standard Sliding Door

For glass sliding doors, the standard dimension is 80 inches. Meanwhile, the length is 60 inches and the width is 72 inches. However, the measurement will be different if you have a sliding door with multi panels.

2. 2 Panel Sliding Door

For a sliding door that has two panels, the length is the same as the standard option, which is 80 inches. However, the difference is in the width. So, when you have a sliding door with two panels, you need to know what the ideal door width is.

Width options for 2 panels sliding doors are 96 inches, 72 inches, and 60 inches. However, you can also have a sliding door measurements that is different from the ones mentioned above. You just mention the exact measurements. Then, the professionals can match your sliding door perfectly.

3. 3 Panel Sliding Door

Many people also use sliding doors with three panels. Of course, the size is larger than the two panels. So, if you have a large enough area to cover the entrance, you can install this sliding door.

The three-panel sliding door is also more beautiful and aesthetically futuristic. Then, the French door option, these sliding doors are also simpler and quicker to install.

This three-panel sliding door has a standard length of 80 inches. However, there are also three-panel sliding doors that have a height of 82 and 96 inches.

Then, the width varies, such as 144 inches (12 feet) and 108 inches (9 feet). In addition to these sizes, you can use a bespoke option if the size of your patio opening doesn’t match one of the sizes shared above.

4. 4 Panel Sliding Door

Compared with two-panel and 3-panel sliding doors, four-panel sliding doors have a large structure. The spacious structure adds a luxurious impression to your room. Therefore, many hotels, inns, or offices use 4-panel sliding doors, to provide a full-scale view of the landscape.

Just like other types of sliding doors, the standard height of this type of sliding door is also 80 inches. However, if you want to have a 4-panel sliding door with all glass, it is usually a floor-to-ceiling design.

Standard width options for 4-panel doors are 192 inches (16 feet) and 144 inches (12 feet). Although the standard height of this sliding door is 80 inches, you can also find heights of 82 and 96 inches. Therefore, you can adjust it according to your dimensional needs.

Now you know a lot about sliding door measurements. By applying standard sizes, you can find them more easily because many sliding door shops sell them. Then, this also makes it easier for you to find a replacement when your sliding door is damaged.