5 Sliding Door Window Treatments to Match Your Home

By | May 20, 2022
sliding door window treatments

One way to get sunlight into the house naturally is to install a sliding door window. Unfortunately, large panes of glass have a downside without proper window treatments. Therefore, you should know a variety of sliding door window treatments.

There are various window treatments that you can apply in your home. For example, using vertical or horizontal blinds, sliding panels, to roller shades. The following are 5 sliding door window treatments that you can use as a reference:

1. Vertical Blinds

It is the most favorite and popular choice for sliding door windows. Vertical blinds will be attached to the top pane of the window with the slats extending down to the floor. Curtain slats also vary by color, width, model, and material.

However, you need to choose the quality of vertical blinds. This is because vertical blinds often stick to the track of your sliding door if you don’t install them properly.

2. Horizontal Blinds

For those of you who often open one side of the window, you are suitable to use horizontal blinds. However, this is not a top choice as the horizontal blinds are against the direction of the track. That way, you may find it complicated to control.

However, if this is one of the sliding door window treatments that suits your home, you can use it. Then, you can contact a professional for the exact measurement so that you can operate easily.

3. Sliding Panels

If your home struggles with the scorching sun in the morning or a lack of privacy from your neighbors, you can use this window treatment. This is because these individual panels sit on the track and away from the window in much larger pieces than the blinds.

Then, there are many panel options that you can choose from, such as acrylic, fabric, wood, and others. So, if you choose this window treatment you can easily match it to your home.

4. Cellular Blinds

You can find many structures in cellular blinds, such as singular, double, or triple cells. The more cells there are in the cellular blinds, the more cold and hot air will be trapped in the bag. So, cellular blinds will be better at regulating temperature changes in your home.

Adapted from energi.gov, installing cellular blinds in heating seasons will reduce heat loss through windows by 40% or more. This equates to heating energy savings of about 10%.

In winter, installing cellular blinds can reduce solar heat through windows by up to 60%. This way, this installation can reduce the total solar gain by up to 20%.

5. Roller Shades

One option for sliding door window treatments with a modern touch is roller shades. Moreover, roller shades work by furling onto the top panels out of sight. This simple and elegant look makes roller shades easy to blend into a monochrome space without the bulk of the panels or curtains.

Then, roller shades also come in various sheer levels and various colors. So, if you want to block a lot of sunlight from entering your home, choose thick roller shades.

Now you know the various sliding door window treatments that you can apply in your home. Choose a window treatment that can accommodate your needs. Then, also choose a window treatment that suits the vibes of your home.