Window Tint Sliding Door: How to Apply It

By | June 2, 2022
window tint sliding door

The use of window tint sliding door can save heating and cooling costs. Some studies state that the film will help block up to 99% of UV rays and almost 80% of the sun’s heat.

In addition to reducing glare, using window tins also reduces the amount of light your home receives. Then, window tint is also cheap and easy for you to apply without professional help. If you want to know how to apply window tint sliding doors, here is the review:

1. Prepare The Surface

If you want to apply a window tint, you have to prepare the window properly. Make sure the window surface is completely clean and free of all dirt. This is because a small amount of dirt, dust or even a strand of hair can cause bubbles in the tint.

The way to clean it is to use a non-vinegar or non-ammonia-based window cleaner. This is because both ammonia and vinegar can dissolve the adhesive film.

2. Cut Film

The next step is to measure your sliding glass door from one edge of the glass to the other. Do it vertically and horizontally.

Then, you must add 2 inches to the final length of the measurement. However, the extra inches allow the windows to overlap and you can trim them later.

3. Apply Film

You can spray a mixture of water with baby shampoo. Then, remove the paper from the tint and spray the surface that will stick to the window.

You can place one corner of the film in the upper left corner of the window and place the film against the rest of the window.

Moreover, if the film is already on the glass, you can move it to the top. However, make sure one side of the edge should be aligned and flush. Leave a few inches to allow air bubbles and water to escape.

4. Set Film

How to apply window tint sliding door is easy. The next step is you have to set the film. Then, use your squeegee after the film is aligned. You can place it 2 to 3 inches below the top of the window.

Next, press the film firmly in an up, down, then sideways motion. You can spray tint film to make it easier for you to squeegee water and air bubbles from the sides of the film.

5. Cut Film

To cut the straight ends of the film, you can use a straight edge and a razor. However, make sure you use a new razor to ensure a clean cut without the slightest tear. This is because the razor used to cut the glass will dull quickly.

6. Clean Window Tint

The final step is to make sure you do a good cleaning by removing your fingerprints. Then, you also need to make sure that there is no stray dust or bubbles.

You can re-spray the water and baby shampoo mixture on the window one last time. Wipe off any stains using a lint-free cotton cloth. Then, to rinse and clean it, use plain water and a squeegee.

Those are 6 easy steps in applying window tint sliding doors. All these steps require simple tools and effortless instructions so you will be successful. And now your home becomes more comfortable and energy-efficient.