12 Best Blackout Curtains For Your Sliding Glass Door

By | July 15, 2022
Blackout Curtains For Sliding Glass DoorsBlackout Curtains For Sliding Glass Doors

Are you looking for blackout curtains for sliding glass doors? If so, you’re in the right place.

If you want curtains for your bright room or for privacy, you should look for blackout curtains as they prevent all the light from coming outdoors.

Blackout curtains are a great way to keep your home private and the sun out while you’re away. They also make a great addition to any home decoration scheme.

Blackout curtains are a versatile accessory that can be used in many different ways.

You can use them to keep the light out while you’re sleeping or enjoying some quiet time, but they can also enhance your home’s decor by blocking out harsh sunlight.

Blackout curtains are also best for the space of children or ill people who want dim lighting in their rooms.

People who used to sit near the window or slide glass doors from where the direct sunlight is coming can use the blackout curtains.

Sliding doors are usually opened up to the backyard area or area where people want some visibility. That’s the reason the blackout curtains are handy.

Using curtains at sliding doors provides peace for people using that area or from direct sunlight.

Best blackout curtains for Sliding Glass Door

Let’s look at some of the best blackout curtains for sliding glass doors and style your home modernly.

1. Roller Shades Or Privacy Shades

The roller shades are best for providing privacy or creating a darkened atmosphere in an open area near the sliding door.

These curtains are available at reasonable prices and with a high degree of opacity.

You can lighten up the space or darken it as per your choice. To adjust the room’s light, you must pull off the cord.

2. Sliding Thermal Blackout Curtain

The thermal blackout curtains are ideal for preventing direct sunlight and heat in the room, resulting in a darker and more relaxed atmosphere.

These are draped styles curtains and are ideally used in both winters and summers. Winter will prevent the heat from coming out of the room.

3. Darkening Curtains In Vertical Position

If some needs privacy in their rooms or living areas, they should use the darkening curtains in the vertical position.

If someone wants some light in the room, they can gather the curtains to one side, allowing the light to brighten the room and enjoy the beautiful view.

This way, you can have privacy without compromising the outside view.

4. Matching Curtains For Decoration Purposes

If you want to add a decorative element to your living room, then choose the matching curtains for your glass sliding door.

Most decorative curtains complete your needs for blackout curtains as they prevent the heat or cooling from coming inside or outside the room.

Consider choosing the cream color curtains, which will look more prominent because of their lighter color and provide shadows in rooms.

5. White Curtains

Yeah, you heard that right. White blackout curtains are a fantastic option for enhancing the beauty of your room.

You might be thinking that the lighter color curtains cannot provide you much privacy or darkening in the room.

But the fact is that you can add the lining effects in your light-colored curtains and can also give the total blackout effects, which will provide a soft, lightening look to the living spaces.

6. Paneled Curtains For A Soft And Unique Look

The curtains will panel-like vertical designs are also an excellent option for creating the soft and unique in your room.

These curtains come with different lighting options in a modern design. You can also customize the colors of your choice, giving you personal and darkening effects in the room.

7. Curtains With Solar Shades

If your room is a place where a lot of heat or cooling can come inside the room, then you should use the curtains with solar shades such as blackout shades.

They will regulate the temperature of your room. You can choose different designs and colors in solar shades as well. You can adjust these shades according to your privacy also.

8. Traditional Drapes For Sliding Glass Door

The traditional blackout drapes come in different styles, designs, widths, and lengths.

You can choose any design for the blackout curtain size of your choice or as per the decoration of your room.

It is effortless to slide out these curtains, and you can adjust the darkness in your room by yourself.

9. Choose The Perfect Hue

If you are worried about which color of blackout curtains will be best for your living room, children’s room, or your room, then no need to worry because the hue and texture of curtains are not confused.

Choose the perfect shade for your home from various colors and designs.

10. Long And Elegant Patterns Of Blackout Curtains For Sliding Glass Door

Always choose the elegant patterns with longer lengths of your blackout curtains.

You should select solid colors with large windows so your rooms have enough darkness and privacy.

11. Unique Style Folding Shutters

A folding shutter is one of the best thermal-lined blackout curtains.

You can line or slide out the shutters for enough light in the room or line the curtains for enough darkness.

You can adjust the curtains as per your privacy as well.

12. Double Duty On Your Sliding Glass Door

Whether you prefer the one, two, or many drapes at your sliding glass door, select the sliding curtain you can move in one direction.

With the help of sliding the curtain, you can manage the amount of light in your living room and use the sliding glass door without any hindrance.


We have discussed different styles and designs of the best blackout curtains for sliding glass doors.

Each of the curtains is available in the market, and you can buy these online from different websites.

The simple designs and elegant looks of the curtains will enhance the beauty of your room or home.

All the curtains provide various benefits, such as preventing direct sunlight and heat in the room or maintaining privacy in your room.

Let us know which blackout curtain you like the most and what’s the reason!!!