How To Remove Sliding Closet Door

By | March 19, 2021
How To Remove Sliding Closet Door

How To Remove Sliding Closet Door

How To Remove Sliding Closet Door – For any sliding door, could be manage in different way. But most of them could be taken off with few simple steps. First of all, you have to loosen the bracket in the upper part of every door with a flat screwdriver. After that try to lift up a bit and pull it out towards you.

Usually doors will be open right away. If there is any bracket in the lower part, release the screw that holds the door into the bracket before you try to remove the door. Just be careful when pulling out the door from the rail since sliding door could be so heavy. This process won’t take long depending the size of the door.

Sliding door closet basically features with two doors that slide past one another. Each and every sliding door provides their own track that covers the width of the closet opening. The track properties the wheels that are mounted on the closet door via hanging brackets. To remove the doors, you want to start with the front entrance , which can get on the primary track closest to you, and continue on to the second to disengage the bracket wheels from the track. The doors swing outward and you can’t swing the second door past the primary one since they always overlap.

Look at rock bottom of every closet door to locate wheels that rest on rock bottom track. Find the adjustment screw and rotate it with a screwdriver, Phillips or slotted counting on model, to bring the wheel up. Grab rock bottom of the door and provides it a touch swing to form sure it’s been disengaged from rock bottom track.

Slide the closet doors so one is directly ahead of the opposite . This will assist you catch the primary door while you’re removing it. Stand directly ahead of the primary closet door and grasp all sides about midway up. Make a step backside when pulling the door together with you. Hold the door at or about fifteen to twenty five degree angle.

Gently lift the door up while allowing the track wheels to disengage; the absolute best of the door may swing back slightly but the second door will catch it. If the wheels don’t disengage directly , swing rock bottom of the door out a touch more as required until they are doing . Remove the door and carefully set it down. Grasp the second door within the same manner because the first and repeat the method .

For heavier closet doors or if you think that you’ll not be ready to handle the load , have another person assist you . They will grab one side of the door while you grab the other side. This will reduce the door weight by half and make it easier to move the door through an area or house.