How to Fix Sliding Door Roller, Step-by-Step Instructions

By | June 13, 2022
how to fix sliding door roller

A study states that the global interior door market, including sliding doors from 2018 to 2025 is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.3%. This is due to the increasing interest in installing sliding doors. However, it’s best to know how to fix sliding door roller first.

This is because the rollers on the sliding door are often the main cause of your sliding door difficult to operate. Then, it will disturb you and also threaten the security of your home. If you want to know some steps on how to fix sliding door roller, here are four steps:

1. Loosen The Roller Screw

The first thing you have to do is find the screw that holds the roller in place. In general, these screws can be found above the adjusting screw. However, on most new doors, you’ll likely find screws on the underside of the door next to the rollers.

Then, turn the roller screw counterclockwise using a Phillips screwdriver. Do this until the roller is released from the bottom of the door. Afterward, you can store the roller in a safe place until you are ready to install the new roller.

2. Remove The Rollers

How to fix sliding door roller is very simple, and the next step you have to do is to remove the rollers. However, before you remove your sliding door roller, make sure the sliding door roller is loose enough for you to remove it.

Then, you can slowly pull until your sliding door roller is out of the door. Make sure you have removed the rollers from both sides of the sliding door.

3. Determine The Type of Roller You Need

You need to know if each sliding door has a different roller as well. Therefore, you must take your sliding door rollers to a hardware store to purchase a new one.

Or, you can write down your exact type of sliding door roller, take a picture on your smartphone, and take it to a hardware store. Another alternative is that you can buy it on e-commerce, but make sure your sliding door roller type fits.

If you don’t replace the rollers immediately, you may need to replace the old rollers to reattach the door to the frame. However, if you are setting up a new roller, you can follow the next steps.

4. Insert The New Roller In The Door

The next step is to align the holes on the rollers with the holes at the bottom of the door. Then, you can insert the new roller into place.

After that, you need to reinstall the roller screw and screw it clockwise until tight, use a Phillips screwdriver. You must make sure that the rollers spin adequately before you reinstall the sliding doors.

As a side note, before you place your sliding door rollers on track, it is important to clear the track before reinstalling your sliding doors. You can use a vacuum cleaner and use a soft, damp cloth to wipe off dust and dirt. Then, spray the lubricant on the slider. If the track is clean and lubricated, then you can reinstall your sliding door.

That’s 4 steps on how to fix sliding door roller. Moreover, you do not need to ask for expert help to do it because you can do it yourself easily. Do this sequentially and the rollers on your sliding door will slide correctly.