Is Harvey Sliding Door Available in the Market?

By | May 18, 2022

Housing needs aside, human beings have loved decorative details since time immemorial. From covering the lounge area with curtains to building an architecturally styled house to live in. Thus, do not be alarmed when people start to look for Harvey sliding door for their place. 

For sure, in the past decades, the demand for owning a house has significantly increased. In line with that, the developer tried to meet the demand by fast building with manufactured doors and windows. Hence, Harvey started to become a major player in this area in the ‘60s. 

Does Harvey Produce Sliding Doors?

Having been in the market for more than half a century, Harvey dominated the market on the northeast side of the USA. Because although it is manufactured and ready to use, they also receive custom sizes. 

Yet, the main question would still be the same, is there any Harvey sliding door in the market to buy and install? If we look at the big picture, then the answer would be yes, there is. But Harvey officially named it a gliding door, even with the same concept of a non-swinging door. 

This sliding door from Harvey came in three different types, they are:

  • Majesty wood to give a casual look.
  • Vinyl patio door for easy access to the patio.
  • Blinds between glass give a sense of privacy while keeping to enjoying the outside scenery.

Why is Sliding Door Popular for Homeowners?

By 2019, there are about 77.8% of homeowners that install the sliding door for their patio door. That was about more than 2 million units of sliding doors installed, while the rest are the other type. So, what caused the popularity of this sliding door? Here are some of the reasons:

1. Easy Traffic

The first thing that people notice over installing a sliding door is the ease of traffic at the house. Because a sliding door does not need any outward space that a hinged door needs. Thus, you can still put a door even in a narrow space.

Also, with the non-outward space to give, it will give better access through the door. Usually, this kind of door is placed as a patio door. Thus, in this case, it will give easy traffic from the house to the patio and vice versa. 

2. Aesthetic Value

You could not ignore the aesthetic value when having a sliding door present in your house. Although all of the door function is still the same, the impact would be different.  Because a sliding door will give a more casual but classic vibe than a hinged door. 

3. Better Light and Air Circulation

As we all know, most sliding doors for houses come with glass material. Thus, it will give the room an abundant supply of natural light. Also, with the wide opening, it will also give more air circulation to the room.

Further, this Harvey sliding door is designed for the patio and not the main entrance. Thus, if you need a sliding door for your entrance, then you should look for somewhere else. Because it would not do any good if you install a patio door as an entrance door.